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Timon & Pumbaa's Wild About Safety: Safety Smart: Goes Green! (2009) (Widescreen)

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Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa and Bruce Lanoil as Timon


Safety spot no doubt in safety spot can't do without it it's really so important and you always have us out doubting it take this on oh yeah you gotta get take this on that meet you you gotta get safety guard against it II gotta get save you schmuck oh yeah Simone did you get a whiff of that clean vacation air actually walking down wind of your Pumbaa and that's not.

Exactly what I'm smelling what are you doing I'm walking to our favorite vacation spot you just threw your empty water bottle on them Oh big deal it is a big deal it's littering oh we're gonna notice the jungle huge it's a big earth but we still have to take care of it what would happen if everybody threw that trash on the Wow eh I don't know.

See what I mean Wow hey just get rid of it that's a storm drain you told me to get rid of it but that's not probably disposing of it why not it's gone isn't it you know you've got a lot to learn about towing read me I'm as green as an African tree frog what going.

Green just about your color Timon it's about what you don't help our environment you know our air our water our jungle please you flatter me Pumbaa like little old me can make a difference to this great big jungle in fact it's our responsibility pretty fancy word for a large odorous animal such as yourself it's just one of many all words I know.

That can help save our environment would you like to know another ah I would let's start with realize we need to realize what to do to keep our environment a healthy and safe place everything you throw away has to go somewhere and grains we do river lakes and oceans whatever you throw down a drain will eventually end up in our water well that doesn't sound too safe.

To drink it's not safe for us all our plants and it's certainly not face mark I remember having a safe environment is our probably right in back instead of throwing water bottles away we can turn them into other useful things which is actually another great r-word let me guess is it rest no ah I know relax no wait the climb I was actually thinking no recycle recycle huh so what.

Kind of things can you make from an old water bottle hey lots of stuff like new bottles or even Oh and boy would you look at that that's remarkable pretty neat huh and plastic isn't the only thing you can recycle there's glass paper and cans hey I bet I know some other things that can be recycled what about glass paper and 10g why.

Didn't I think of the don't be too hard on yourself right so then you know recycling is both safe and smart safety smart no doubt about it Oh Timon will finally hear Oh Pumbaa I can't wait to splash under the waterfalls nap under the shade of a lush tree and nosh on the tastiest bugs and Hugh and me both pal.

Timon what person I I don't know why is the waterfalls right up remember I said everything we throw we has to go somewhere whoa look what's happened to our favorite vacations but I'm sorry I know you didn't know Timon but we can learn from our mistakes and make things better water is one of those precious natural.

Resources without water to drink we couldn't survive we have to conserve it I could do that I could serve it at meals parties intimate gatherings among my closest friends not serve water to Melia conserve water that means reduce our use whenever possible so how do we do that like making sure we take short showers never leaving any faucet running while we're.

Brushing our teeth or watching a car ah reduce our use it's got a nice ring to it reduce our use uses our use remove are you hahaha what is this it's a car I know it's a car what are you doing in it hello I'm driving no what I mean is fuel is another natural resource we have to.

Conserve I'm only driving down there it won't take that much but if we really want to conserve fuel we shouldn't be driving at all to places that are so nearby whenever we can walk or ride a bike Greece should or take the bus train or subway that helps conserve fuel - not to mention cuts down on air pollution being energy smart is also being safety smart.

For example turning off lights whenever we leave a room I hardly think that turning off the lights applies to us here in the jungle oh how did that get there not only do we need to remember to turn off the lights when they're not needed whenever possible we should replace our regular light bulbs with a CFL a CFL oh you mean a cute puppy lion no Tim Mon he else stands for compact.

Fluorescent lamp they're light bulbs that conserve lots of energy you know all this talk about energy it's making me hungry Hey that's strange where are all my tasty little treats see that's the thing Timon when we don't take care of our natural resources it's awesome to take care of us and what is taking care of a water have to do with my lunch everything needs water to live.

Fish animals even insects and when we come waste and chemical the water it becomes unsafe to drink and everything that relies on it sucks I mean that could happen to us I'm afraid so so if we hurt the environment we heard all the living things that depend on it that's why it's important to help any way you can okay another good one is we.

You Rios Rios what we use boxes jars containers even clothes or toys in the EU is my donating to someone who might still find it useful now that's a great idea I got to admit it boomba you're pretty smart about going green who knows soon you may be all mrs. green is me I look forward to it so those my friend are some of the many really important our.

Words wait let me see if I can remember some of them reduce reuse and recycle Hey look at that it connects in a circle Oh like the circle of life yeah I get where you're going with that but there's loads of other things we can do that show we're going green if we bring a cloth bag when we go shopping we won't need a plastic or paper bag or before buying that.

Plastic water bottle use a refillable water bottle instead if we become conscious of all the ways we can conserve energy we're on our way to a cleaner healthier and safer world hmm safety smart and you know I am just wild about safety and now we know all the are words hey I have an idea why don't we review them all again in a song wait a minute wait a minute what if.

We review them all in a song oh good thinking to reduce beat your hungry sight don't recycle my friends it is all up to you repel yet we knew now remember remember they're so much that people can't do it they'd be fine we play some regrets are we part of that happening sing just lifting through the Rumba and like the poet Pamba go green.

Don't we go green or you one out safety folks that's make life sweet yeah yeah it's turn off the lights and what a world will see teller driving you your cause always offbeat yeah yeah and I'm telling you we'll take some energy mine we do say we do only take three psycho controi did the howl of Boulder I'm talking to you we still get we do I remember got it it just takes a moment.

Or two long at all we place refresh we plan to your brewing just try it and see what we may have to fight reduce refreshing we fill we do replace recycle return preview we use remind upon in the V times go being great isn't that beautiful and now we know how to keep it this way you're absolutely right.

Well my porcine pal I just it's time for us to head on home yes it is but are you forgetting something Timon huh oh yeah sorry kind of dog you know what let me let me get my flashlight on this how we can see safely Hey look at all those name hmm that's a lot of folks oh I know him where's pink stain I don't know I'm a barb where'd she oh my how do you know.

These people pretty neat huh you know buh buh I like this going green stuff oh you should go green too there's a lot of things that you can do when it comes to us harvest initiative the greenhouse gasses that you're welcome


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