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Learn Shapes with Max the Glow Train, Alex the Helicopter and Friends | The Amazing Sky Adventure

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Alex the Helicopter and Allie the Airplane invite Max the Glow Train and his friends to see a cloud shape race. They take a hot air balloon and go high in the sky to learn about shapes. While everyone watches the race, Bubble the Robot notices a little yellow butterfly. Bubble wants to fly like the butterfly. He jumps with balloon, thinking he can fly too. Now it’s time for Max and his friends to find Bubble the Robot!
Learn shapes for toddlers!
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hurry bubble they're about to take off if only you could fly bubbles you can go even faster be careful don't drop your shapes we're here finally oh hi we're happy to see you too are you ready to learn shapes we're going to fly to those clouds let's set up and learn about shapes .

guys Alex and I are happy to welcome you to the cloud she brings the shapes we are going to learn are the circle the oval the triangle the squared the rhombus the rectangle and the.

Octagon and to help you learn the shapes quickly our friend Robo j5 has created holographic cloud planes and helicopters they'll fly around a holographic cloud track okay guys these are cloud planes and helicopters they're going to race around this cloud track these look so fluffy.

I think bubble wants to fly like them let the sky race begin team helicopters though please go the first shape we have is a circle team planes is winning .

No they are now flying over and through the rainbows but opal dojin helicopters now the planes and helicopters are flying to the foggy cloud well son team planes you've just crossed.

A checkpoint with the triangle look at these beautiful clouds the next shape we have is a square so helicopters yeah .

Both teams are now flying to the rainy cloud and we have a rectangle team airplane watch out now we have thunder and lightning clouds my team is winning a rhombus .

Yeah both teams finish at the same time in octagon Babu let's go guys we have to find bubbles how are we going to get the bubble through this swampy water .

Look we can use this old rap great idea look I say one of the bubbles wooden shapes you're right Pete you found the circle I see the rhombus and I see the triangle Alex fly over here I found bubbles.

Rectangle what's happening we've hit something hold on let me check it looks like we found the Octagon I see the oval just a second I found a square now we must find bubble bubble.

we're so happy that you're okay how are we going to help bubble these logs are blocking our way let's use these shapes to build a platform great idea Square oho rectangle triangle rhombus circle .

Octagon now you can cross bubble now let's get back to the hot-air balloon j5 has a surprise for us what beautiful lanterns made out of shapes


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