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What's up YouTube a ubirr viral world here back at it with a new freakin video and as always make sure you smash that like button just like you're smashing your crush go all and and guys if you can please do me a favor I will love you forever and that's to follow my Instagram account because I've seen fake accounts using my name so go ahead and follow me on instagram at au world.

Ayo you be whi ro I'll have the link in the description click there and follow me and if you followed me on instagram tag me in a picture of a screenshot and I will shout you out in my next video now let's get started on this video since my last one on making money on YouTube without subscribers did really good I will be showing you guys another three ways you can make money on YouTube.

Without any subs now if you haven't watched my last video you're probably thinking I'm fucking crazy or trying to sell you some book that will get you rich overnight no guys you can actually make money on YouTube without any subscribers because let me explain on YouTube you don't really make money with subs it's the views that bring in the money the more views they'll have you.

Have the more money you could make and before you say oh my gosh this is clickbait chill fam it's not because I won't be showing you the obvious and telling you that you can make money with views and Adsense because who doesn't fuckin know that I'll actually be showing you methods that not a lot of people utilize and it's three methods you can pick one of them that you like.

Work on them and see if it makes you some Bank now I'm not saying these methods are easy to do you will have to put in work to see results as with anything else okay so for the first method you will be promoting mobile apps and when I say promoting mobile apps I mean you will be using a website called Jean app with Jean app you sign up for an account and find apps to promote that.

Are usually game apps or any other app on the app store so how you would promote them is pretty easy first install the app on your phone and just check it out see if it's good play with it whatever and then make a youtube video either reviewing the app or if you want to get creative with it you can put tutorials for a game you're promoting.

And upload the video on YouTube after you upload the video you want to put the app name in the title in the tags and all that so it can show up in the search engines and you just put the link to the app you're promoting in the description so whenever someone finds your video they will install the app on their phone and you will make some money alright so you'll be cashing out checks if you make.

Fifty to a hundred videos reviewing apps wait wait wait hold on let me actually just show you the mood you'll be in when you see our first check doing this okay .

Wouldn't you fucking like to be in that mood I will put the link in the description now for the second method my favorite method is the Aliexpress in Shopify method so I'm pretty sure all of you know what I'll expresses it's a Chinese website like Amazon where they sell everything and having everything and anything that's dirt cheap and it usually takes fucking one year to arrive.

At your doorstep anyways what you'll be doing is setting up in an online store with Shopify which is really easy to use unless your head is full of rocks okay but like I said Shopify is really easy to set up and there's like a 14-day trial free trial so go ahead and try it out using the link in the description once you set up a store you go on Aliexpress and search for anything.

That's best selling you usually want to go into small niche stuff like Harry Potter or Disney frozen princess items shit like that but once you choose the niche that you want to sell all you have to do is save the item pictures from Aliexpress and then put them on your Shopify store so you're basically selling stuff that you don't have in hand from Aliexpress so whenever someone.

Purchases from your Shopify store you take that money buy the item off Aliexpress and put in their address when buying the item off Aliexpress so that it gets shipped straight to them it's an easy process once you get the hang of it so let's go through let's go through it again you basically find an item on Aliexpress say a light saber for example it costs $5 you take that light so.

Replace it on your Shopify store for like a rape price say like $30 so that's $25 of pure profit keep doing that and you'll be the next fucking rothschild but now you're asking yourself what in the sweet fuck does this have to do with YouTube well once you have a Shopify store you need to drive traffic to it and the easiest way would be with YouTube videos you could either buy.

These items off Aliexpress and review them with a video or you can just make a review video without buying the item that's right you can just make a small youtube video talking about the product and link to your Shopify store in the disc so for the lightsaber you would put Star Wars lightsaber the video title tags all that and talk about in the video or.

Review it and link to the Shopify store in the description so whoever is interested in the item they can just buy through your store your Shopify store and you would be making profit now for the third method you won't really be making youtube videos but what you'll actually be doing is using Clickbank which is a website that sells ebooks digital products for literally anything.

It could be Fitness Beauty health wealth anything and what you do is choose a product in any of those niches and promote it on other people's YouTube descriptions now when I say this I don't mean go out messaging fucking PewDiePie and telling him that you want to put his you want to put this link in his description ok so I mean if you search for something Fitness related on YouTube.

You'll get some videos that have lots of views but the channels don't have that many subs that's who you want to contact these channels and tell them that you want to put a link in the description for 30 50 to $100 depending on how many views their video has so you're basically advertising that Clickbank link in the description of their video after a day or two of advertising on.

Their video you'll see the traffic coming in and maybe sales if you're lucky this is actually a good way to make some money because it doesn't require much of an investment and you can invest that $30 and make $500 a month if that video gets a lot of views daily you usually want to check with the video owner to see analytics on how many views the video gets daily / monthly.

Before you actually pay like I said these methods do require a little work but nothing comes easy especially money but if you do focus and put in the work I promise I promise you will get results I always say this and trust me my methods do work I've had multiple people messaging me messaging me telling me my methods have helped them gain subscribers views Instagram followers.

Money and best of all all these methods I'm giving away are all free I'm not keeping any secrets I'm not hiding anything from you guys because there's nothing like helping out other people I like seeing people succeed as much as I like seeing myself succeed which I don't see a lot on YouTube I don't see people helping they usually just want money from you and that's why.

I like seeing people succeed especially you guys my subscribers the viral fam that's why I'm in the process of making a full video course on my website that teaches you how to grow a YouTube channel if you're interested in that make sure you check out the link in the description and put your email put in your email so you can be notified when I launch that course and that's it for.

Today guys make sure you like and subscribe and I love you guys peace


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