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Types of natural disaster and safety tips, - CBSE ONLINE E-LEARNING

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Natural disaster :- floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunami, cyclone, landslide, drought . Man made disaster :- forest fire, deforestation, pollution, war, nuclear, oil spill


Today when we talk about natural disaster so what is natural disaster it is a sudden hazard or committee which can cause a great damage and destruction to life and property the disasters are classified into natural and man-made there are many types of natural disasters for example flood earthquake tsunami cyclone draught landslide et cetera and there are many types of.

Man-made disaster also for example forest fire before a station pollution oil spill nuclear and war now let us learn and understand some major natural disasters and first natural disaster is an earthquake an earthquake occurs in the Earth's crust the Earth's crust is made up of huge pieces called plates sometimes these plates get collide together which releases a lot of energy.

Causing an earthquake safety tips during earthquake are number one take cover immediately under a high piece of furniture for example the desk in the school and the table chair bed sofa et secta at home number three don't use elevators use staircase fn8 number three if outside don't stand under the three wires poles et cetera number four if you are in a weaker ask an elder to stop.

Down the car and tell him not to stop the car under the tree bridge building wire poles at a sector now you can see this is the picture of destruction of an earthquake now our second natural disaster is tsunami tsunami is the series of huge waves which occurs in the sea a tsunami occurs due to and is the earthquake the waves of tsunami can be as high as 100 feet.

Safety tips during tsunami are number one stay away from coastal areas number two stay away from beaches don't go to beach to look salami number three listen to the radio for emergency information number four stay away from coastal areas and don't go to the beaches and leave the area immediately if you live near the seashore you can see how the bees can.

Destroy the whole area now a third natural disaster is dot dot is a period of dry weather when there is no rainfall for over a long period of time there is extreme shortage of water dot also occurs due to very little rainfall cross dry and there is very little water for domestic use now safety tips during drought are number one save as much as water as possible.

Number two use water scarcity you can see during drought howl and become bare now our fourth natural disaster is flood flood occurs due to heavy rainfall for date together the rivers overflow and cover the surrounding land sometimes flood also occurs due to dam failure safety tips during flood our number one teeth watch or dries on level number two use radio for emergency.

Information number three keep ready your first aid and emergency kit number four don't you eat the food which comes in contact with the floodwater see how people are moving across the flood water you should avoid it our first natural disaster is landslides when a part of land get slider and hilly slopes slowly or quickly results a landslide it may be due to heavy.

Rainfall and erosion when it causes it causes a lot of damage and destruction to life and property during landslide you can't do anything that's why we have no safety tips during landslides you can see how the rocks are sliding down the hill our sixth natural disaster is Zeitoun cyclone is a sea stone which occurs due to high speed winds it can bring a lot of rainfall.

It occurs in water bodies for example Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal Arabian Sea and more safety tips during cyclone our move away from beaches don't go near the sea listen to the warnings on radio now our seventh and the most last natural disaster is volcanic eruption work a nose are the conical shape mountains with an opening in the Earth's crust from where molten rocks and magma comes.

Out floods volcanoes which are in the seal can also bring tsunami safety tips during well panic eruption are number one don't drive in Asheville number two keep your skin covered number three don't cross the bridge and number four keep all your electronic devices covered you can see how the molten rocks and magma is coming out of the volcano you can see how the cyclone occurs now.

You should take care of yourself from natural disasters if you like my video don't forget to subscribe my channel and if you still have any comment use the comment box and ask from me bye


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