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Marriage Bootcamp Hip Hop Edition Ep.8 Review #marriagebootcamp

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This video is about Marriage Bootcamp Hip Hop Edition Ep.8 Review





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Hey everybody it should go Bondi blue and I want you to check out Barney's boutique and get some of my merch y'all I've added some neat things like my mermaid cups and the mermaid tees and also to shake them tits mugs all right you asked for it and you got it check out Barney's merch at finest boutique all right y'all I'm back for marriage boot camp I hope y'all got a chance to.

Check out the Jordan woods video in which I completely went the fuck off with my angst about the Kardashians and all the day y'all check that shit out yeah this morning I've been listening so Sylvester all morning you make me feel my you make me feel okay that's for all of the people who said am i annoying my singing is annoying it annoys them I just want to say that I'm be singing.

Fuck you okay imma be singing and if you don't like it get the fuck off my channel okay all right yeah y'all is that type of a nigga feelin good it worked out okay nigga a chai tea latte without milk in it and is not disgusting I'm here for it let's do it marriage boot camp hold what shit went down so y'all episode picked off with an ass one left.

Off we gotta discuss their Soulja Boy near altercation in which she's telling him she'll wanna be with him she asked him how he was feeling he said he and won't talk about it she goes lay in the other room in that little birds nest prison if they didn't made for her which actually looks quite comfortable and he gets upset because he's hurtin and he wants somebody to come and stroke his.

Ego and make him feel better about the fact that you know nigga momma didn't love him until he made it like it so to speak okay not to say that she didn't love him but she wasn't in his fucking life until he made it okay um and so she's like you know leave me alone and he like get off the phone why on the phone and holiday and there's a certain point where you can hear that.

His feelings are hurt and it's also because his ego is bruised because Nia gets in to a place where she don't give a fuck no more and she don't feel like being bothered and soldier was pissed off because she was just sitting on her phone and you embarrassed and you drop y'all to show you embarrassing me soldier you embarrass your fucking self okay every turn nigga the fact that.

You're not receiving your daily amount of protein is embarrassing all on its fucking own you and your Twitter fingers in the nasty shit you say the fucked up things you say to disrespect you have four women in the fact that your mom ain't never checked you all that shit right now it's embarrassing on its own okay they don't have to embarrass you especially.

After all the embarrassing you've done to her chocolate please okay so he jump up out the bed and he runs over the heart jumps on top of it I guess trying to get her phone from her so she just stop kicking that nigga in heat you know he's trying to grab her legs and shit and she is screaming like a deathly you know curl screaming just it sounds like terrible sounds like he beating on her.

But he was not so then you see how kind of half his energy kind of declined and it was because he realized but when they got cameras and for two they got all these people they Micha coming this one and you know how to use niggas are if they see you hitting on that girl they're gonna check you now Soulja reminds me of the type of young fuck boy that has all of the aggression and.

Energy in the world for a woman but none of that same disrespectful you know um attitude with the man okay so he does come off as somebody that has probably put his hands on Nia before and no I don't like that shit and all of course I don't why would I like that shit good okay I'm not here for that at all but in this moment her scream was either get this nigga off me before I hurt him or.

He's hit me before and I am bout to go through that shit with him right now okay but she just had to go through her own situation we're realizing that her childhood rape has been affecting haha whole life so she going through some shit too but with soldier it's always got to be about him and how he feel it might be about for good five hours but after that it's.

All about Soulja Boy and Dre and how he feel and that shit is fucking exhausting so everybody comes into the room and he jumps down off the bed and Tami and dime escorts uh you know Nia down stakes at it against hope and Shahada journaling this one and she still shook she's still nervous and she's just over him she's over him okay later on Tammy and Walker go to bid and.

Soldier goes and the woman talks to them and there's some conversation about the fact that Tammy realizes that Nia be with the ships as well she does things to she she does think that she knows who agitate him but we also realized that no matter what she does that nigger will get agitated sometimes but I think what everybody needs to recognize is and what we've been learning this entire time is.

Yes soldier takes being an asshole and a fuck-boy to a whole new level okay but he's also damaged he's damaged in a way that requires therapy and it inquires some type of sympathy Nia is the same type of way she is damaged and she does things that excites the bullshit sometimes or she ignores him and says fuck his feelings in moments when he's trying to be open and honest with her.

Okay not I'm not saying that that was happening in this moment but I'm just saying over the course of watching their relationship because of the people that they are they are never going to really meet each other in the middle they're never going to meet each other at the same place at the same time it's never going to be like that they needed to just stop fucking with each other and.

Let it go and I hope their marriage boot camp was the step that both of them needed to realize that their relationship is not worth a period okay period all right so this tells me that she can stay in the room with Tiffany and then he'll come downstairs and sleep on the sofa as to not agitate soldier further and I'm like man fuck you man his feelings.

As far as I'm concerned like you'll be I'm going to fucking most in your fears and near sleeping even though in different bids you still don't have a problem and I don't have time today so the next morning Soulja tries to apologize to me trying to make her hug him and it's like grease your rub the original on that girl is not in a in a space to be affectionate.

Towards you she is not in a space to be trying to hug you and you need to be able to accept the fact that you have fucked up to a point that you can't just apologize the shit away niggas do that all the time where they feel like just because they say they sorry and it comes to you correct for five fucking minutes then she supposed to just hurry up and get on the bandwagon and we cool again.

No no no no no no okay you need to stay over there and if you want apologize you need to accept the fucking fact that Nia ain't ready to be receptive as of yet okay the shit was like five hours ago we'll sit your ass down somewhere so Karl is getting on Moe's nerves huh cuz you know there's still kind of going back and forth about this FaceTime shit and she's basically.

Let it go as if it didn't happen but I said I'm over Carly more and I feel like a little more deserves better I know a little more probably think that Karl is the bee's knees as far as you know fucking the coochie up and you know being apologetic and affectionate enough to be a good guy every now and again but the fact that she can't trust him you can't be in a good space with him.

Without him going and having to talk to some other bitch that bothers me and then the fact that he gets caught he blames you because you are celebrity I don't like none of that I don't like none of that I feel like he uses like insecurities as a way to keep her from leaving his stupid ass and I just think that little mo has way too much going for herself even at this point in her.

Life to be caught up and stuck with a man that's not gonna be what she needs him to be in that is trustworthy okay anyway y'all also the anybody notice how Dre Soulja Boy has to ask was face in the room before he wanted to actually you know be affectionate independent really apologetic sania as if that had any consequence on the situation whatsoever nigga.

You really need to get over yourself so y'all the doctors have to talk to them have to talk to soldier in ear separately and soldiers hostility towards Neary victimized its hurry puts her back in a place of being molested it puts her in up in a place of being abused whenever he comes at her sideways the way he does Nia said that he keeps doing the same thing over and over again.

And dr. V once I recognize that she accepts it and allows it which is why he's able to keep treating her that way dr. V goes over you know give her like a pamphlet on info about rape victims and issues that they go through and some of the signs that she's still dealing with it without really dealing with it and that's just such a sad thing to me because I can see Nia wearing that on.

Her like like a sweater like she's wearing that abuse on her that rape she is wearing all of that on her sleeve and I really wish that she would deal with it so she can become free of it and stop being it internally angry person because you can see that kind of what she act with you know what I'm saying like you may not always be on the surface but underneath that shit is.

Festering all abuse from Soulja Boy the rape from you know whatever happened with the baby daddy like every man that hurts her I feel like instead of dealing with the issues she just constantly eats it eats it incident so it'll be festering in her stomach and one day she gonna kill her stab one of you niggas I really feel like that that's the stl soldier that she is getting burnt out.

Giving him chance at the change and you can't expect people to wait on you to change you just can't especially when you coming at them violently with all that hostility and shit so diamonds hand me and Tiffany are talking about little Moe and how she's been acting like nothing happened with Carl even though everybody know some.

Shit you know they know something going on but the fact that she just acts like nothing happened it just is making everybody feel uneasy Tiffany and little Moe I thought that that was a Tiffany shot it might have been somebody with them anyway Tiffany and then we'll talk about why tiffany stays with it when he's only told her he loves her one.

Time and we all know that their relationship isn't real we know they on this show to get it checked but I hope that individually they realized that there was something to gain from his process whether they were really together or not which we know they weren't we know that Tiffany had a man before they even came into the house which is why they're not having sex.

Which is why she was pregnant you know she's pregnant now you don't I mean and it's happened it could just couldn't have been that much you know and on the go right I don't know but I just hope that Tiffany nurses are able to get what they need out of this situation regardless of what their relationship is between the two of them so one of the things that Tiffany said that she does.

Appreciate about this because it's like why are you still with this it's probably because the dick is good when she was getting dick and also because he's a good father and sometimes when women see a man being good to their child it can make us love them make us want to be there for them make us want to be in a relationship with them because we think somehow if they can.

Show that love to their child making sure that loves to us but no that's not how it that's not how it is you need to go off how that nigut and treated the baby mom okay and that's one thing that Tiffany made a mistake about just because Monique's is crazy does not mean that fears is not fucked up too because she didn't like Moniz she totally ignored all of the issues that more.

Needs and fears have and blend them up more nice but what she didn't realize now is that I think that Fitz has always been the nigger that he is right now and that would drive a bitch crazy at some point okay and we drive a bitch crazy and I think you need to have some type of sympathy for the baby mama like everybody always want to be like oh fuck the baby mama but at the end of the day.

The baby mama was with that nigga when it was good and then when he got bad you need to pay attention to how he is with her once he got bad the fact that he always talks shit about more nice the fact that he always disrespects her to other people than in public regardless to what their personal situation is that is the mother of your son and you have a lack of.

Respect for her on a basic human level and no woman you want to be in a relationship with a man that will handle the mother of his child that way because eventually he will handle you in that way and I think Tiffany ignored that because she didn't like Monique's and I think that's some bullshit all women need to pay attention I had these niggas treat their baby -.

Okay yes the baby mama can be crazy you need to assess that shit for yourself but recognize how he handles her if he's talking shit about her to you that's the problem that that's unnecessary you don't even know you like that as far as I'm concerned okay but anyway first tells the fellas how he isn't getting any from Tiffany and you know maybe she has a dude so I guess he's realizing you.

Know why did not have a sex with one another and it's like that should please Nick whatever like I wouldn't give you know I wouldn't give you no Cushi either okay you mean you mean and you only treat people good when you feel like it it's always on your terms and as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't feel comfortable to give you no coochie anyway they're good so please so they.

Have this drill where they have to make cocktails and the cocktails required honey so they have to go and get honey from a beehive and what it's up make the cocktails so y'all know everybody gonna be scared cuz they don't wanna do it even though they had the whole like little suit and shit I thought it was kind of cool I probably would always wanted to do something like that.

Especially if I know I can't get stung but if I hear that shit too close to my ear I'm I have to like remember but your skin bitch you alright okay but anyway this is one of them drills where somebody secretly was given the option to either do the drill or let the other person do the drill alright so soldier did the drill for Nia because soldier no he didn't fucked up and he needs to make.

It right wing here the same thing for Carl causing fucked up and he know he need to make it right with Mo but in most situations Carl just doing whatever the physical thing is you know instead of mo doing it he's the one that's going to do it so he does it keep kissing hainan and kissing her ass and on it more like y'all write new whatever get off me.

Okay dime retrieves the honey off a Sean and Tiffany has to go even though she's deathly afraid of bees and bugs and shit but she has to go and she wasn't happy with that face talk about you know I really wanted to do it cuz you know I always wanted to try something like that make fuck up okay like I'm back we hear that shit from you okay so Tiffany has to go.

In there and do it and she was scared but I feel like the fact that she did it like this just takes a triangle you know what I'm saying so after Carl finished doing it he's talking about don't panic you know you gotta kept everybody finish like me okay you got to stay calm and don't panic and dice the issues like oh yeah and you could keep that same energy next time we got you on video doing some.

Wrong shit okay the way he came in dr. ish neck it was just kind of like son wish you don't know is I won't beat your ass while security holds you back dr. Shay go get down like that but you know that's probably what he was thinking in his head so then they go to make the drinks and Tammy says that uh Tiffany told them she has a dude before she got to the house and we all knew.

That's what the case was soldier Dante MIMO and fizz chose which one of them will get the honey so when you know we are looking at it so that means Tammy dime decided that they were gonna do it instead of their men doing it mold decided that car was gonna do it inside instead of her wish I feel like correct decision and fans decided that Tiffany was going to do it because he would.

Rather throw Tiffany over a fucking building okay he would rather hurt her step on her heart fall behind any capacity possible then to make himself uncomfortable and we all know that and that is why I feel like theaters a terrible person and he needs to work on himself when Tiffany finds that out she's pissed so fish feels like you know all the drills were small all the drills.

Was fun I don't think it was gonna be that big of a deal and thought I got you full of shit you full of shit if there was any opportunity for you to sacrifice something for Tiffany you were never going to do that no matter how small it was so stop with the bullshit little bigs okay stop with the bullshit so dr. ish.

Tells Diamond Tammy that they need to pay attention and not constantly be sacrificing themselves for their men and I feel like that's a real statement Walker was saying some shit about that verse ecology and holiday watch shut the fuck up because you don't even realize the even though you are the star you know at the beginning of your relationship Tammy.

And I'm are the type of women that always feel like in order to keep their men they need to prove themselves you prove how strong they are improve how they can be there and be whatever they man wants them to be they the Grider diet chicks that people are always talking about and yes to an extent that's a good quality but then it almost seems like you always sacrificing.

Yourself for a grown ass tall as big a strong ass man that could have done that shit just fine and that's the point you can't always be falling on the store for these niggas when they need to be falling on the sword for you okay and I think that Tammy and I really need so take that advice to heart so the judge comes out and tells Tiffany that she was scared to get that honey but she did it.

And she needs to take that victory and not shit on her selves because men men do one little small thing and be patting ourselves on the back hardest fuck okay a woman do something fights of fear and all she doing is looking for the next problem so Tiffany needs to pay myself on him back and accept the victory that she was scared to do something and she trying him anyway the judge tells face.

To stop confusing her okay stop rubbing on her stop trying to have sex with her and then still talking this shit about you don't want a relationship with her you're confusing her Point Blank period and fizz never wants to take responsibility so he's like oh so I can't be honest and I can't you know everybody be somewhere nice hood and everybody gonna perceive me as an.

Asshole since you are a asshole you are an asshole my nigga it's not about that you treat her like shit almost every episode nickel almost every episode you treat Symphony like shit so being nice to her and then rubbing on her and trying to fuck her two totally separate things and you can justify how you act as much as you want.

To wish you shit on her as much as human in his fucking house the only day that you were ever supportive of her is when she was telling her story as a child that was the only time that she was supportive of Tiffany so please don't act like that alone you'll be a supportive of her it's what it's confusing everybody well that's a whole bunch of other shit that.

Should do that confuses Tiffany then just say stuff is you would rather hurt her in order to save your image and he was like yeah and I was like where's the image he was in beeps okay he was a rapper in a singing group my nigga that was only around for a good five years yes y'all had y'all y'all rain and y'all did for us okay during my time but ultimately that shit came to an end and.

All you're known for now is being a good father but a terrible man as it pertains to how you treat your baby mama and how you treat the women you were in relationships with that's all you know for it so what image are you trying to save if anything taken affords taking some type of sacrifice for Tiffany what a major look better so I don't know what fucking image she was talking about but.

He's just he keep making himself look worse and worse as far as I'm concerned Carl takes this time to you know give this long drawn-out apology to little more about how sorry he is throwing a glitch in the system and you know he gonna rock out a hook for helping all of this shit and I'm saying nigga you catch which translates to nigga your life okay I believe that Carl is full of shit and.

He don't like when mom gets to a place where Moi's starting to withdraw herself she may not be fighting and arguing no more but she's withdrawing herself from giving a fuck about him and now since you know he didn't fucked up you gotta kiss her ass about it and he want to apologize in front of everybody now she still needed that apology but I don't I don't like Kroy y'all dr. B tells Carl.

They he's a smart man it's a start doing stupid shit I was like okay dr. B okay we here for you bitch and josh says that if you didn't get the honey then tonight you need to rub your partner's feet Tiffany was like that nigga ain't such a nothing on me because he's gonna take a foot rub I'm gonna end up with him finger fucking and getting in his coochie no it's not okay.

Soldier India sleep in the same bed and I don't know if she rubs his feet but I just saw him happy to be in the same bed with one another and y'all this is when I realized that soldier needs the love of a woman so much and it's because he is trying to replace that with what he should have gotten from his mother you can tell cuz when he's a good guy when he's being nice and sweet he's like.

A little kid you know in that sweet way when you wanna be like oh you know I'm saying but then he turns into a fucking five-year-old and throws attention be attention you just want to throw it against the wall huh okay so I totally understand need and why it is confusing for her and it's been so hard for her to take herself out of the equation with him because even though.

He's done some fucked-up things and it's obvious that he has his moments what he will make you feel like you want everything to him but then shit on you in the next 30 minutes so I understand why especially with my own issues why he's been so hard for her to separate herself from soldier but I hope she will this and why I have a smoke outside when everybody goes to bed and fits in that.

The judge made him realize that Tiffany will confuse anything he does so he has to be careful even when he's being nice or even when he's being honest and Tiffany says that I'm just really damaged at this point and I need to work on myself and you know basically taking responsibility for the fact that there's nothing this nigga can do cuz he fucked up and I'm fucked up and we can't work.

On us I need to work on me so I'm happy that she said that because I think that that's real and I hope that she does get therapy I hope that she does whatever she needs to do to work on herself but I also want us to accept Fault in a situation where you ignored the type of person their fears was because you didn't like Monique's okay and fits you need to realize that just.

Because Moniz is crazy does not make you rights in the situation you're a good father and that's it alright so I hope y'all enjoy the marriage bootcamp recap review and I will see y'all in the next video um they love effort love if the lockup comes on tonight so um I might do that once tonight if not it'll be up tomorrow love ya


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