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Full Listening toeic test 38 | Practice Listening toeic test with Answers

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Practice Toeic Listening test with Answers - Test 38
This video consists of two section:
- 00:00 Listening Comprehension.
- 43:13 Answer Keys.
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* There are four parts to the Listening Comprehension section of the toeic test. You will have approximately 45 minutes to complete this section.
Part 1: Photographs 10 Questions
Part 2: Question-Response 30 Questions
Part 3: Conversations 30 Questions
Part 4: Talks 30 Questions
* Listen to as much English as you can. The best way to improve your listening comprehension is by listening. As you listen, ask yourself these question:
Who is talking?
Who are they talking to?
What are they talking about?
Where are they talking?
Why are they talking?
As you answer these questions, you will improve your ability to understand English through context.
* Study regularly. Pick the same time of day to practice. If you don't develop a routine, you won't develop good study habits. Tell yourself that you can't watch TV at 7:30 because that is your toeic time. If you do miss your scheduled time one day, don't worry. Try to make it up later in that day. But don't study at a different time every day. You will never get any studying done.


In the listening test you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English the entire listening test will last approximately 45 minutes there are four parts and directions are given for each part you must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet do not write your answers in your test book part one directions for each question in this part you will hear four statements.

About a picture in your test book when you hear the statements you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer the statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time look at the example item below though now listen to the four statements.

A they're leaving the room B they're turning on the machine see they're standing near the table D they're reading the newspaper statement C they're standing near the table is the best description of the picture so you should select answer C and mark it on your answer sheet now part one will begin number one look at the picture marks number one in your test book a.

They are setting up microphones on a stage B they are putting away their instruments C they are playing stringed instruments d they are performing outdoors number two look at the picture mark number two in your test book a she is turning a knob B she is painting the wall of the park see she is using a brush D she is painting a roof.

Number three look at the picture mark number three in your test book a a tree is between the cause B the railing see a man is whole the car door open D the traffic on the street number four look at the picture mark number four in your test book a he is pushing a card in front of him B he is pulling his car up to the gate.

See he is wheeling a bag behind him D he is picking up his suitcase number five look at the picture mark number five in your test book a there is a Lorne Walker on the beach be the Apple has just walked past the cafe see they are walking side-by-side d they are holding on to a basket number six look at the picture mark number six in your test book a he is.

Reaching for a book B he is taking a book from the shelf C he is making a purchase D he is holding a book number seven look at the picture mark number seven in your test book a the table is being measured be a man is carving a piece of wood see the table is being set up D the men are wearing gloves.

Number eight look at the picture mark number eight in your test book a they are having a disc in a classroom be a man is rest his chin on his hand see most of the seats are unoccupied D some people are bending over the table number nine look at the picture mark number nine in your test book a there are lamp posts on both sides of the road.

Be the street is deserted see the road is being paved d some people are going across the street number ten look at the picture mark number ten in your test book a some cups are being removed from the table B there are four chairs around the round table see some lights have been turned on D a display is been dismantled.

Part two directions you will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English they will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time select the best response to question or statement and mark the letter A B or C on your answer sheet for example you will hear where is the meeting room you will also hear a to meet the new director B it's.

The first room on the right C yes at two o'clock the best response to the question where is the meeting room is choice B it's the first room on the right so B is the correct answer you should mark answer B on your answer sheet now let us begin with question number 11 number 11 where are you headed a to the clinic.

B afternoon see by subway number 12 how's the tea served in green cafe eh I'll meet you at the in-house cafe be I hope you get better soon see very good number thirteen why don't we place an order now a because I'm in a hurry be let's do it after lunch see it's out of order now.

Number fourteen a bus will arrive soon a he is very punctual B I can see it coming here C yes the boss will be here in 20 minutes number 15 have you had a chance to see the new exhibit held at the local cultural center a the center is located in the middle of the city B no I didn't see him there see not yet I've been kind of busy lately.

Number 16 do you know a budget hotel around here a it looks so expensive B why don't you check a Travel Guide C in the accounting office number 17 how did you come to work this morning eh my car broke down so I walked here be woke up at 6:00 in the morning see it took half an hour to get to work.

Number 18 why didn't you bring your car today eh it's still being repaired be I'll ring you in a minute see it sounds like a great idea number 19 how many laptops do we need for the orientation a more than 20 B now I'm looking for desktop computers C we expect at least 100 new employees to attend the orientation number 20 didn't you go to the.

Conference a I think she did be that'll be exciting see actually it was delayed number 21 you liked his speech didn't you eh I don't think it's necessary B you did an excellent job see it was very helpful number 22 mr. Wang is a smooth talker isn't he hey he has a good sense of humor as well.

Be I'll talk to him later see yes everything has smoothed down no.23 why did David get off work so early today eh I have an important ten today be let's get off at the next stop see he said he has a dental appointment this afternoon number 24 we need to rearrange the.

Meeting don't you think a sure when would it be convenient for you be to avoid rush-hour traffic see at 6 p.m. number 25 are you going to Atlanta by car or by train a actually I will fly there B it takes at least five hours see no training was put off again number 26 now about applying for the job.

In sales a by tomorrow be I'll think about it see they don't apply to you number 27 should we ship those parcels today or wait until tomorrow morning a I ship I guess be tell him to wait until tomorrow see let's send them right away number 28 it's a beautiful day isn't it eh sorry I'm not going out today.

B hopefully it stays like this till the end of the week C yes you look so beautiful today number 29 should I give your contact number to Mary when she comes to our office eh yes I signed the long-term contract with Jane B I will meet you at my office see she already has my business card number 30 have you heard that the.

Monthly rent would be raised soon a sorry I lent it to John this morning B no I was away on business see I didn't know she got a raise number 31 let's get tickets for the match so on Saturday a I've already purchased them B it was the fantastic performance see sure I'll show you the way to the.

Airport number 32 as the director finished reviewing my proposal a yes I just finished it B no not yet see it has a nice view doesn't number 33 who should I talk to about the training a no I drove myself be it's scheduled to begin at noon see didn't Sammy tell you.

Number 34 where did you find the blue binder a last night be that's my favorite color see it was in the cabinet number 35 after the bias shown up at the office yet a they are waiting for you be I showed him around the office see no I can't afford to buy it number 36 have you heard what time the meeting will start eh it'll last for an.

Hour B yes I have met him at the conference see it's scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. number 37 I haven't seen Kelly around these days eh I don't work out these days B it's a beautiful scene isn't it see she left the company all of a sudden number 38 the again a yes it's time to buy a new copy machine.

Be did you call the repairman see okay let's fax him immediately number 39 why don't we grab a bite to eat here eh sure I'll grab a taxi for you be okay but we should return to the office by 1c because I'm too full number 40 why did mr. Thomas resign as chairman a I'll give a resignation speech tomorrow B look at the sign on.

The wall see I didn't even that he left our company part three directions you will hear some conversations between two people you will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation select the best response to each question and mark the letter a B C or D on your answer sheet the conversations will not be printed in.

Your test book and will be spoken only one time questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation good morning north-south Airlines how may I help you hi this is Joan Campbell I reserved a round-trip ticket from Dallas to Boston I'm supposed to leave for Boston the day after tomorrow but the ticket hasn't arrived in the mail yet I don't know what to do I'm sorry.

Ma'am let me check her records well it says it was sent by press mail a week ago I think I have to call the delivery company and see what happened if you don't get it by the end of the day we'll issue an electronic ticket once I send it by email you can print it out at your home that's nice it sounds very convenient Thanks number 41 why is the woman calling.

Number 42 when will the woman leave for Boston number 43 what does the man offer to do questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation thank you for calling Jenny's how can I help you hello I'd like to reserve a table for four at 6:00 p.m. today and could we have a table in the non-smoking section I heard your mushroom ravioli is fantastic.

That's why I want to take our clients to your place I'm sorry to tell you this but all our tables are full at 6:00 but we have one spot open at 7:00 p.m. is that okay with you if you say so I'll be there by 7:00 by the way could you tell me how to get there number 44 where does the woman probably work number 45 what does the man want to do number 46 what does the man asked a.

Woman about questions 47 through 49 referred to the following conversation excuse me I'd like to buy a round-trip flight ticket to Sydney I'm supposed to attend the convention there I want to leave from JFK Airport on April 4th and come back here on April 9th okay sir let me see what I can do for you oh you're in luck there's one seat available in.

Economy class the flight departs at 10:00 a.m. on the force and returns at 8:00 p.m. on the 9th how does that sound that's great how much will it cost we're offering a 25% discount on every April flight because it's offseason so your total comes to one thousand four hundred and fifty dollars number forty-seven why does the man want to go to City number 48 what time will the man get.

Back to JFK Airport on April 9th number 49 according to the woman why is the discount offered questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation Ted we are understaffed today Peter called in sick and Susan is on vacation I really hope we have no trouble serving dozens of guests in the banquet hall this evening don't worry Jenny I already asked the.

Trainee chefs to help us out they can help prepare the appetizers and desserts by the way could you supervise and support that no problem I'm sure they will be helpful meanwhile they will get hands-on experience and learn how things go in the kitchen you got a point there I will be around the hall to set up the chairs and tables if you need me don't hesitate to call me on my cell phone.

Keep up the good work number 50 we're most likely are the speakers number 51 what is the woman worried about number 52 what does Ted say he will do questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation hello Jason this is city I stopped by the construction site this morning on the way to work but it doesn't look like the work has.

Progressed much since my last visit did the rain we had last week put you behind schedule don't worry we're still on schedule I'm sure we'll complete the construction work in March as scheduled I'm relieved to hear that our president is looking forward to it I don't want to let him down there won't be any problem mr. Tucker our construction team leader said your store will be open to the.

Public no later than March 10th number 53 what are the speakers mainly talking about number fifty-four what is the woman concerned about number 55 what did mr. Tucker say questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation hi Rachel I heard you are planning to open your accounting office in Glendale have you had any luck.

Finding a good location for it not yet I looked at several spots with the real estate agent last week actually I like the one on st. Paul Avenue but it was a little small for the number of our current staff as we are planning to add dozens of employees to our office next year this space should be large enough to accommodate all the staff members including prospective ones you know what.

Today I happen to read a newspaper article about the huge office building that has just opened you could find a large space there great where did you leave the newspaper I really want to look at the article number 56 who is the woman number 57 how did the man learn about a new office building number 58 what will the woman probably.

Do next questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation hi Sally I'm wondering if the public library is still open it's almost 6 p.m. it's probably closing now as far as I know it's open until 6 p.m. on weekdays why are you asking that anyway I need to check out some books for my midterm exam I don't really want them to be checked.

Out by somebody else log on to the website and see whether they are still available if they are you'd really better put them on hold so no one can borrow them before you get there tomorrow morning number 59 what does the man want number 60 when will the man probably stop by the library number 61 what does the woman recommend.

The man do question 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation hello Scott do you have a minute I have some problems with my computer and I'd like you to take a look at it if you are frame you must be kidding Julia I thought your computer worked well it has been working great since you bought it last month hasn't it what seems to be.

The problem anyway well an error message that I have never seen before popped up when I tried to run the spreadsheet program this morning so I restarted the computer but the same thing happened over and over again I will get into big trouble unless I can get it repaired as soon as possible I have to prepare my presentation for tomorrow's meeting and I really need the.

Data saved on my computer actually I'm busy upgrading the computer server right now but I can get Peter over to you in a few minutes he's a good technician and knows how to deal with that kind of problem I'm sure he can take care of it for you number 62 what is problem with a woman number 63 what is Julie is supposed to do tomorrow.

Number 64 what does the man offer to do question 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation I can't believe it's so windy and cold here in Chicago it's already marked but it seems like winter isn't over yet however the real problem is that I didn't bring warm clothes today me neither I didn't expect Chicago in March to be.

Extremely chilly like this I think we need to buy some warm jackets because we will stay here for a week until the conference ends is Tuesday right it would be great if there were a clothing store within walking distance the next session is scheduled at 4:00 so we have a couple of hours to shop until it begins let's ask the receptionist in the lobby.

Since our hotel is in the heart of downtown there should be one around here number 65 what are the speaker's complaining about number 66 what time will the next conference session probably start number 67 where will the speakers go next question 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation I'd like to.

Purchase this leather jacket it's 30% off isn't it I saw the banner saying everything in the store is marked down up to 30% when I entered the store I'm afraid our winter clearance sale won't start until next week you could come back then to buy it at the reduced price okay by the way could you set it aside for me until I come back I don't really want to miss this great opportunity.

Usually we don't hold an item for a customer but if you really want it you should deposit 10% of the original price in cash of course you may pay the rest when you get the jacket number 68 what is said on the banner number 69 what is wrong with a woman number seven what will the man ask the woman to do.

Part four directions you will hear some talks given by a single speaker you will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk select the best response to each question and mark the letter a B C or D on your answer sheet the talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time question 71 through 73 refer to the following news broadcast.

Thank you Paul for the weather update now let's move on to the local news Liverpool City Council's Danny gasps announced the New England tunnel will be closed overnight to traffic while the repair work is carried out from September 5th to September 30th he said that heavy traffic and air pollution have affected its structure and the old lining should be replaced.

According to him traffic using this tunnel has increased from 1 million vehicles a year when it was opened over 20 years ago to 5 million therefore he stressed that the work is necessary for a long-term improvement of the tunnel fortunately the work doesn't seem to really interrupt peak time traffic because it is confined to overnight however commuters using this.

Tunnel while the repair work is underway our advice to take highway 12 instead number 71 what is the report about number 72 according to mr. gasps what made the repair work necessary number 73 what our drivers invited to do question 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement good evening shoppers this is the store manager Linda Wang and I'm pleased to.

Announce that Gregor's special deals will be available for the next week first locally produced milk will be on sale for $1 per half gallon in our dairy section also in the kitchenware aisle we will have a wide range of kitchen items reduce to low prices if you buy our plate set we'll give you a 30% discount on a blender and if you buy one of our knives we'll give you a.

Tablecloth for free come back here next week and get a hot deal be sure to remember that the sale will be over on Friday number 74 who is Linda Wang number 75 what does the speaker say about the upcoming sale number 76 what will take place on Friday question 77 through 79 refer to the following talk thank you for coming to the monthly meeting of the Peace Village.

Neighborhood Association we have gathered here today to share ideas and opinions about improving our standard of living in the village my name is sharon hudson and i'm the convener of today's meeting I'm delighted to see some new faces here this month and hopefully we'll get to know each other soon first have some great news for us all the local bike companies speed industry.

Agreed to subsidize our new program designed to help the underprivileged in our community this program was initially suggested by David young our long-term resident in January's meeting it includes the plan to build a daycare center for busy working moms who don't have extra time during their day the construction will start in a couple of weeks number 77 for whom is the talk.

Intended number 78 how often is the meeting held number 79 why does the speaker mention speed industry questions 80 through 82 refer to the following talk I'm so thrilled to lead our company-wide new product review our R&D department is honored to have the opportunity to tell you about our latest product my name is Thomas black and I am.

In charge of the overall development of our new mobile phone as some of you already know our team has worked with the famous industrial designer Ted Morrison to develop a new mobile phone for more than two years this phone was designed with entertainment in mind it features both an mp3 player and DMB mobile TV moreover it is equipped with a 3.0 megapixel camera with autofocus we.

Have a tentative schedule for release dates please refer to the information packet for further information now let me turn the microphone over to our senior designer Ted please give a big round of applause to him number 80 who is the speaker talking to number 81 what is the talk mainly about number 82 what should a listener do to get more information.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following telephone message is James Lopez from general papering I'm calling because we have some problems with the wallpaper you ordered last Monday we were going to get your new office repaper Don Thursday but we need to delay it until the beginning of next week yesterday we received the wallpaper from.

Our manufacturing plant but it turned out to be the wrong color you wanted white but we received gray there must have been miscommunication between the factory in our office I talked to the plant manager this morning and he promised to ship the right color this afternoon it is expected to be delivered to us no later than this weekend therefore we can go ahead and.

Hang paper on the wall next Monday instead of Thursday I'd like to know if this new schedule is acceptable to you please come back later and I'm sorry for the inconvenience number 83 according to the speaker what is the problem number 84 when did the speaker talk to the factory manager number 85 what does the speaker want to know.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following voicemail message John Taylor from accounting and I'm calling about the reimbursement request you made yesterday according to the request form you submitted you spent as much as $1,500 during the business trip to Tokyo last month though I went through all copies of receipts you attach to your expense report I wasn't.

Able to find the receipt for the hotel bill it seems like you didn't include it mistake I need it by the end of the day at the latest in order to process your payment please give me a call and let me know if you can send it to me either by email or fax otherwise you may have to wait another month until you get paid if you have any inquiries about this you are encouraged to come to my office on.

The 10th floor anytime you want I'll be working at my office until 8:00 p.m. today number 86 what did Cathy do yesterday number 87 why is John Taylor calling number 88 what you Kathy do if she has a question questions 89 through ninety-one refer to the following announcement before we begin today's meeting I'd like to tell.

You about the sales projection for the next quarter if you want accurate sales figures in the third quarter you can refer to a copy of the sales report in the booklet in front of you the report suggests that company's sales are expected to continue to go up however more than 20% growth might be a difficult goal to achieve due to the recent recession it is possible that the.

Whole economy will be jeopardized now let me give you today's agenda briefly Jim Anderson from advertising will review the layout of our advertising campaign for next year after Jim's presentation you will have a short break in the lobby where some coffee and snacks will be provided and you will come back to the conference room and talk about possible marketing strategies.

In small groups at one o'clock you will be given a free lunch in the cafeteria after a one-hour lunch break you will meet with our financial advisor Joe Cocker and you will be invited to discuss efficient cost reduce lands with him number 89 what will Jim talk about number ninety what will be available in the lobby number 91 when will the audience meet a.

Financial expert questions 92 through 94 refer to the following excerpt from a talk everyone welcome to today's management workshop my name is Robert Williams and I'm standing here as a keynote speaker tonight why don't I start by telling you a little about myself I run a small publishing company and I have been in the field for the last two decades from.

My own experience I realized that cooperation between workers is the key to be more successful in the industry according to the recent study by Ohio University many entrepreneurs testify that their success wouldn't be possible without adapting values such as teamwork partnership and close relationship the purpose of today's workshop is to show how to facilitate your employees to work.

Together more efficiently now please look at the slide show to summarize what I'm about to explain number 92 who most likely is the speaker number 93 how long has the speaker been in business number 94 according to the speaker what is the most important factors to success questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement it's my pleasure.

To announce that our new vacuum cleaning robot will be available on the market next week this is the latest model of our 510 Professional Series and it is designed to clean larger spaces and environments it features a camera on the body that takes pictures of some unique features of a room based on those pictures it automatically generates a map which enables itself to navigate.

Around the room efficiently as a marketing manager I strongly recommend you attend the product launching show held in Staples Center this Friday I hope to see you all then number 95 who is the speaker number 96 what is the press of the talk number 97 what will take place on Friday questions 98 through 100 refer to the following announcement hi everyone my.

Name is Lisa Brown and I'm the coordinator for this month's software conference I hope you find this event informative and exciting now it's almost noon so I'd like you to help yourselves to the complimentary lunch that we've prepared for you in the cafeteria there is a wide selection of healthy food and I'm sure you'll like it after lunch let's meet here again at 1:30 p.m. when.

We'll hear from today's featured speaker dr. Michael Moore he's a well-known game software developer and he used to be an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico today he will talk about the future of the IT industry in conference room 2 once again please be sure to get back on time because this lecture will show you how to succeed in the industry have a wonderful lunch and I'll see you.

All soon number 98 what will the listeners most probably do next number 99 what will take place at 1:30 number 100 what will dr. Moore talk about this is the end of the listening test you


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