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2. Deep Dive into Pokémon and IVs Explained for Go Beginners (2019)

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Learn a whole lot stuff about pokémon, trainer appraisals and more in Pokémon Go. Explaining CP, base stats, IVs, why you need to walk eggs, how to get more candy.
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Hey it straighter weaves back with another in my series of Pokemon go for beginners in 2018 today we're taking a deep dive into the Pokemon themselves so we're gonna cover a lot of topics we'll start with CP levels Pokemon stats reading appraisals candied Stardust buddy's walking types and movesets attack bonuses and eggs .

This is the basic Pokemon screen and right at the top you have a thing called CP that number is a measurement of the overall combat power of your pokémon now each Pokemon has each Pokemon species has a set of base stats so attack defense and stamina individual Pokemon also have things called Ivy's individual values and that is where appraisal comes in so if you click on.

The bottom corner you'll see a button marked appraised hitting the appraised button will bring up the trainer for your team and they will give you an overall appraisal and overall evaluation of how good your Pokemon is they'll then go and tell you which stat is the highest out of attack defense or stamina Ivy's themselves are measured from 0 to 15 so each Pokemon will have its base.

Stats and on top of that up to 15 extra points so the way most people talk about it is a hundred percent Pokemon means it has fifteen fifteen and fifteen in each of the three stats a zero percent Pokemon just as rare will have just the base stats and no extra bonuses the phrases after the top stat will indicate how good that particular stat is so for example with team valor if the trainer.

Says she's blown away that means that the top stat is 15 if she just says it's excellent then that would mean that it's 13 to 14 and so on if it's anything other than excellent you probably don't care about it now this screen will break down what that means for each trainer after that they'll talk about the Pokemon size whether it's the biggest they've ever seen or really really small.

Now that refers to the pokemons weight which isn't really used in battle but it does get used in certain metals that you can find on your trainer screen as well as your base stats you also have the Pokemon 2 level which goes into the CP calculation now you can't see the level directly in the game much like the Ivy's but the arc that goes above the Pokemon on the screen that actually indicates.

What level your Pokemon is if the white dot is on the left that means that it's quite low level if it's on the right it's quite a high level the other thing you need to know is that Pokemon levels will be capped at your trainer level so it's in your best interest to level up as soon as possible once you hit level 30 you'll be able to catch weather boosted Pokemon that could.

Be higher than your actual trainer level for the purposes of catching pokémon with the best IVs you're not too worried about levels so continue to check everything but it does mean that to get them up to fighting standard you can have to spend more Stardust and more candy so candy is available on your Pokemon.

Screen you can see it right there next to the Stardust there's different types of candy for each evolution lines so something like Thai rogue hitmontop they'll need Thai rogue candy rats and Raticate or use Rattata candy and so forth on a normal cat you'll get three candy and then when you transfer your Pokemon to the professor you'll get another one you can boost the amount of.

Candy per catch by feeding your Pokemon a pineap-- instead of say a raspberry or something else so obviously that means you forego the boost you might get from a raspberry but you do get double candy the other way to get candy is to walk your Pokemon so to do that you go into your trainer screen by pressing your trainer's face in the bottom left corner of the screen under your trainer you'll.

See a button marked buddy go into that and you'll be able to choose wits poke which Pokemon will be your buddy and will walk alongside you every time you walk a certain distance with your buddy they'll find a candy and that depends on what the Pokemon is some will find the candy after 1:00 some will take three five or even twenty kilometres to find a single candy candy is used for evolving.

Pokemon and for boosting up their levels so if you have a good one you want to use your Stardust and your candy to power it up every time you evolve a Pokemon using candy you get 500 XP or more depending on if an event is happening with Pokemon like Cara PPG the ones that take 12 to evolve it's quite a common tactic to stash those up and then use a lucky egg which you can buy in the.

Store to double the amount of XP you get and do a massive Ellucian as you become a more experienced trainer you'll find that Stardust is your main limiter in training up your Pokemon for powering up low-level Pokemon you need less Stardust for a higher level you're getting started into the thousands per level now each powerup somehow the way the numbers work is that each powerup only.

Goes up by half a level whatever it is when you're getting to level 30 when your Pokemon get to level 30 you're gonna need 4,500 or 5,000 Stardust per powerup when you're only catching between 100 and 300 Stardust per Pokemon you're soon gonna find that you just need to grind you can buy stardust pieces in the shop that will get you 1.5 Stardust and also.

Caching whether boosted Pokemon will get you a small bonus each time now we're going to talk about types underneath the HP on your Pokemon screen you'll see something like bug or fairy or rock that's your pokemons type now in battle that is going to indicate what your Pokemon is week two now there's a huge table that shows what Pokemon are strong and weak to and that means that.

In battle if someone is attacking your Pokemon with something that it's weak to then they get a damage bonus equally if you scroll down the Pokemon page then you'll see the types that your Pokemon can attack with and that relates again to the type that you're attacking so you'll get a 1.2 damage bonus if that Pokemon is weak to yours plus if it's the right weather you'll get another.

Bonus and on top of that is a thing called same type attack bonus or stab now the step bonus kicks in when the move that you're using is the same type as your Pokemon so for Kyogre for example if you're using a water attack and it's a water pokemon then you get a stab bonus on top of all the other damage on the other hand if you've got something like Gyarados using a dragon.

Attack but Gyarados is actually a flying water type so it won't get a stab bonus at this point you might be asking yourself but all I do is walk around and catch Pokemon why are you talking about battles well battles come into effect in gyms and raids and there's way too much to talk about there so that's going to be a separate video the other benefit to walking is hatching.

Your eggs so if you go into your poker bag and the top right corner you'll see anything saying eggs you get eggs from spinning stops and gyms and they will automatically go into that tab up to a limit of nine eggs there's no way to throw eggs away you have to hatch them if you want more eggs and the way to hatch them is to put them in an incubator.

You start with one free incubator that's the orange one if you go into the shop you can buy other incubators that will that can be used up to three times and if it's a special event then the Polka shop will also have special boxes which will have super incubators a super incubator will cut down the distance you need to walk by a third so instead of having to walk ten kilometers to hatch a.

Ten kilometer egg you will only have to walk six point six there are two reasons you'll want to hatch eggs one if you're a high enough level then your eggs will always hatch level 20 Pokemon in addition the IV's of those hatched Pokemon will never be below ten on top of that if there are certain Pokemon that are rare in your area you might be able to get them from an egg and there.

Are certain Pokemon that you can only get from eggs specifically the babies Togepi cleffa Pichu all those can only be found in eggs so if you want to fill up your pokedex you're gonna have to get walking awkwardly Pokemon go only counts distance while the app is open so when you're walking you either need to leave the app open and your phone unlocked in your pocket if you turn on battery saver.

Mode you can at least if you turn your phone upside down it will darken the screen so it uses less of your battery power the other thing you can do is buy a Pokemon go plus which is quite pricey but it does mean you can lock your phone while you're walking and therefore save a lot of battery plus you wantbut doll anyone that is it for Pokemon today so we have covered as I said at the start.

CP we've talked about pokémon and trainer levels I've told you about the Pokemon base stats the IV's how to understand what your trainers telling you how you can get candy how you can get more candy star dust and why it's important I've told you how to change your buddy how to walk Pokemon how to use your types and move certs get a tech bonuses.

And why you should be hatching eggs so go on out there and get walking if you liked the video if you learned something by all means hit the like button subscribe to me for more videos and all that other YouTube jazz


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