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My Trucking Life | WESTWARD | #1665

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good morning everybody a really it is bright up today we're flying across the Canadian Prairies of Saskatchewan here right now riveting excitement.

We're on our way to Surrey British Columbia which is in in my mind a suburb of Vancouver British Columbia right on the southwestern tip of Canada right on the west coast so I have a load of glass behind me and instead of having eaten wooden crates this time they have it in steel crates a lot faster to load it but.

I don't know how they're gonna get those crates back because I asked someone good do they have to like send these crates back to you to reuse okay so it makes sense right don't waste as much wood you can use steel crates you can reuse them but how do they get those crates back to them all the way we say it's a three day drive so you got to paint for us to bring the load all the way three days.

Across the continent and then you got to pay someone else to bring those crates all the way back three days seems kind of interesting yeah you're saving trees but you're also burning a lot of extra fuel and fuel isn't renewable trees are slow but they are related grow I don't know what do I know I just do it up cold use this work to do I guess.

Another trucker has a job to do bringing these crates back I don't think I'm bringing them back actually I know I've done does I have a bumper load waiting for me in Kamloops no no Kayla's in Kelowna British Columbia and that's taking me back to Wisconsin next week and I got a tarp it to tarping fluffer must be fancy love her.

That'll take me all the way back probably for another glass load I gotta keep myself busy I got to keep running hard we have a new roof to pay for we're getting an estimate on our roof for a quote for our roof next week so we'll know what our target is very soon all that I know is it's not gonna be cheap but you only got to do once you redo your roof once with steel roofing.

Or metal roofing and it's done for the rest of your life you never have to replace that roof again clothes is done right you're set and no more ice damming that's the problem we're dealing with right now is ice damming doesn't happen on steel roofs while we're arriving in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and I'm gonna swing into the gym here there's a snap fitness.

Where I can get my trunk closed - it's the right thing to take this is scheduled on choose salary above enverga to Saskatchewan to South we're not quite halfway through our day that's a good time to pull in here and see what kind of gym facility they got here Steinbach has still had the nicest one so far Edmonton was pretty nice too Saskatoon but I find that the snap.

Fitness is in the u.s. that I visited so far are much smaller and they don't have showers whereas the ones in Canada all have showers so strange that they have a gym but they don't have a showers I guess most of their members are local so they just go home and shower at home make sense no Mandy no no Manny I'm listening it's been eight years turn right at.

David Baker Drive they're a Diefenbaker drive so I've never stopped at this location not too sure what to expect I'll write to highway 1 West no Mandy calm down it's just up here oh wow this is a really small but I can get my truck right in here so destination is that's good that's taunting I'm parking on the.

Street but they got lots of parking right in here it's behind this this bar here I don't even know if this bar still open or not looks like it's closed down it's just off to our left wow that is a small location look at that you see it there maybe there's more of it behind everything no that is a really small location okay that's okay we'll work with it.

It'll work I haven't given you a look at my load yet have I okay well here you go you lucky people that's the low there is glass under this in crates it's two crates I don't know if I can nope tarps are pretty tight as they should be here and can't see under the hop to show you once I deliver it a lot of money's worth under there my tarps at the back here these tarps after.

Return I don't want to keep these because they're old and they're heavy these are mine that have been assigned to me and they're nice and light and much easier to throw up on top of a load than these old things especially this front one oh this thing was like 150 pounds but we got it done so it was pretty nice in there and they did have showers in there so so far what I've.

Found is that Snap Fitness anyways I don't know about all the other gyms but it's not Fitness all the Canadian locations so far have had showers all of the American locations so far have not had showers I don't know what that says about the hygiene habits of our friendly neighbors but apparently in Canada we like to have showers at the gym maybe in the States they just like.

Showering at home better I prefer showering at home myself I do not like using public showers but I'm a truck driver it's part of my life it's like got a shower so I just did 30 minutes of cardio mmm not too long ended up being here for an hour so I gotta get going I've got a load to deliver still so unfortunately I can't stay any longer than that but at least I got something.

In right all right we have eight hours available to us to drive today yet I want to go as far as I can like I said Moo straw is not quite halfway we'll be driving into the night of it and tomorrow will be a little bit more rushed because it's our last day we have two hundred meters we have to deliver the following big rest don't.

Talk over me Mandy that's rude how's a yield sign right well I'm gonna stop anyway just in case got a red light here anyway well daylight savings time just happened the other day before filming this so it feels like the days are longer now but not only because the clocks changed but also because the Sun is finally.

Actually in the sky longer this is my favorite time of year because every day just gets better every day keeps getting longer and longer until we hit the heat of summer and then you get to enjoy all of summer and fall and then it's the worst time of the year where you start realizing every day the days start getting shorter and shorter and shorter I'm talking about daylight hours if I.

Don't clarify that someone's gonna be like that's not really getting shorter Trevor - do you know what I mean you know what I mean the comments are gonna be there anyways but the majority you know what I mean it's so nice to be able to drive in sunlight it's the worst part of winter is the darkness I think wow and the cold.

No wonder in general sucks and this time of year is just awful so excited so excited this is the last big town before Alberto's a swift current Saskatchewan.

Beautiful country out here this is just north of Montana USA Montana is one of my favorite states I heard there is a petition a while ago for Montana to join Canada I don't think they would like that very much not not that Canada's not a great country I'm just saying that Montana is one of those low tax states right very big no sales tax very low tax if they join Canada they're gonna get a.

Boot in the butt of taxes they won't know what hit them I don't think they quite understand how many taxes we pay for all the free stuff we get that's the problem though right it's not free stuff but hey you have universal health care and I'm okay with that I'm okay with our health care I like it I think that every person should have access to health care and I don't mind chipping in a little.

Bit so that everybody can get the care they need when they're in trouble I just have a problem because it gets abused but you have to decide then what do you want more do you want everyone to have access to health care or do you want to deny people care because some might abuse it it's a tough choice to make right I don't I'm I can't make that choice other people made that choice for.

Me and it is what it is now you know but okay there was a petition not too long ago for Montana to join Canada and I love Montana I love their low tax lifestyle they wouldn't like the taxes we pay I can tell you that much I have no idea see if I could get around here I make it pretty close jackknife it around here yeah.

Munna bar just stopping a Tim Horton's here for a coffee well now this guy's gonna want to turn around - no room buddy buffs a no Alberta I think that's how you say it the sanno I haven't stated this Esso overnight in years usually because I go to Strathmore or the other side of Calgary but I just don't think I'll have.

The hours to make it that far today so we're stopping here instead you'll find a parking spot for us straight no I'm Andy no we gotta go to bed yeah dad have you seen mom where's mom she out there do you miss mom Chevy you miss her she's at home she's at home yeah we're gonna go back home later first we gotta go through the mountains and all the way.

Back all the way back to so few days yet buddy few days you know what we're gonna do you know we're gonna do what are we gonna do once we get to the other side of the mountains we're gonna go for a walk it's gonna be nice and warm on that side of the mountains maybe we could even go for a bit of a run maybe come back to the truck and get a treat really.

Really after all this I'm gonna have to give you a treat right now are you a good boy cuz only good boys get treats you a good boy Chevy shabby I love having Chevy along it's so different than having diesel along they're both unique in their own ways he's such a good boy all he wants to do.

Is love you that's his only mission in life just to love everyone such a big guy so we made it to this som like I was telling you here in Bassano Alberta will do the rest tomorrow we have 1097 kilometers to go Oh 13 hours to do it in so I hope you tune in and keep me company cuz uh Jimmy a long drive a Chevy you ready to see the mountains tomorrow are you ready you're gonna take.

Some pictures you take some pictures you're gonna be that tourist yeah don't lick my lips do not lick my lips you can okay that's kind of weird you want to sniff my beard is that what you're doing i blue in your ear ah good you ready for bed I'm ready for bed I'll see you guys tomorrow ah hey none of that none of that hey it's a pic tip you're a good boy.

You're a good boy good boy just don't lick on the lips that's gross all right all right we're bros but we're not that kind of bros all right



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