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Varsity Tutors - Online Live Learning Platform (2015 Video)

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Online tutoring pairs you with the best tutor in the U.S. for your particular needs out of the thousands of tutors on the platform.


Hi Laura how's it going today hey things are going well ready to get started the online tutoring platform can actually be better than an in-person session just because of all the resources they've built into the online learning space from this diagram actually missing one of the forces and I'd like you to go ahead and add that in there and tell me what it is okay well if we've got the.

Force of gravity we're gonna need the normal force when you're using the document editor being able to interact real time with your student being able to have them observe your edits as you're making them is really beneficial for them to build upon the skills that they already have by seeing how the tutor would revise their work my tutor can bring material to the lesson by.

Uploading PDFs or I can bring in my homework just by taking a picture of it using my laptop's camera got it remember velocity is always going to be a vector which means Direction is important okay well we've got the horizontal component of this vector and then we're being in the online platform face to face with my students and being able to talk with them and work through.

Questions that is absolutely seamless theta so using our given values I want you go ahead you fill in that equation say during an in-person tutoring session you may find yourself reaching for a calculator or a periodic table or any of needed resources that you need they've built all of that stuff in already so you can just click a button to get the periodic table a calculator or to grab a.

Line which is half and then we're gonna multiply that by 250 using the online platform actually allows me to see several screens at once all right so jumping back over to our question I'm gonna put these side-by-side for us just so we can see both upon you're able to have video you're able to have diagrams you're able to have practice problems I got some.

Homework for Wednesday that I'd like to go over the first problem with you if that's okay absolutely you want to go and upload that uploading documents to the online tutoring platform can't be easier really many different file formats are supported and you just click a button and find your file and it appears in the work board so the first thing that I see here is that he is no.

Longer accelerating varsity tutors online learning platform has let me connect with tutors all over the country they've done it in a way that can support a number of different tutoring and learning styles so whatever tutors and students want to make of their learning environment they have the capability to do so in the opposite direction oh and that's gonna be the.

Force of the air absolutely great job Laura thanks Cara I've really enjoyed my experience working with the online platform it's given me all the capabilities to have a personal experience with a student that meets and even surpasses the experience that I'm used to having in person you .


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