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Why You Should Go Paleo Immediately | Elle Russ On Health Theory

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Elle Russ is the author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and a leading voice in the paleo, primal, and ancestral health movement. In this episode of Health Theory she talks about the paleo primal diet, the truth about thyroid issues, and why you need to learn how to self diagnose.
The Paleo Thyroid Solution by Elle Russ:
Stop the Thyroid Madness by Andrew Heyman, James Yang & Janie A. Bowthorpe:
Recovering with T3 by Paul Robinson:
Elle’s free thyroid guide:
Why Elle took her health into her own hands [01:05]
How to navigate working with an uninformed doctor [02:47]
The importance of optimal thyroid function [04:26]
What’s going on with Reverse T3? [07:21]
Why a primal diet helps thyroid and adrenal function [08:10]
Why the standard blood panels are useless [09:34]
Does the normal thyroid treatment actually work? [13:55]
How diet plays a role in autoimmune disease [15:05]
Why striving for the “ideal” body type may cause all sorts of problems [19:16]
The reason intense exercise is harming you [21:30]
Why you can’t get away with poor diet [25:05]
Does keto work for hypothyroid patients? [27:07]
How to actually get fat adapted [28:59]
Where fruit fits into a primal diet [31:35]
Why you need to pay attention to your iron stores [32:58]
The one thing you should do to improve your health [38:56]


In today's episode of health theory with L Rus we discuss why you probably have a thyroid problem how to fix it yourself the foundation of the primal diet and why you need to chill out on the exercise everybody welcome to hell theory today's guest is L Russ the author of the paleo thyroid solution and host of the primal blueprint podcast with Mark Sisson she's.

Also a former sketch comedy writer and performer who got her start with Chicago's legendary second city comedy troupe and most interestingly of all she cured her own thyroid disease with diet exercise and self dost hormones and well that's where I want to start is with the self dosing I get being your own medical advocate and not just taking people at face value it's a whole nother thing to.

Start self dosing what led you to that Wow you know two years of being left in the dust by the medical community and what do I mean by that I mean uninformed doctors practicing 40 year old outdated protocols you know for what they learned in medical school that are no longer valid not testing me correctly I was undiagnosed for two years so they kept saying you're fine just you know my one.

Doctor hit my gym shoes he goes use these more I'm like I'm working out two hours a day I'm practically an athlete and I'm meeting less than 1200 calories I am gaining weight by the day by the hour my hair is falling out I had horrific acne I had perfect skin my whole life next thing you know I was getting my period every week I mean an onslaught of symptoms that just ruined.

My life for years and at that point I thought you know what no one's helped me I'm done with this all these doctors are hurting me they're not helping me one doctor misdiagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome and had a whole protocol he wanted to do another doctor was like here take progesterone I was thirty years old and so you know finally I thought I'm taking my health into my.

Own hands you know they're not gonna do it for me so I did it myself I ordered them over the internet and I dosed myself and I used doctors for blood work and then just didn't listen to what they had to say so being under informed like I have sympathy for the doctors in terms of it gets overwhelming so we were talking.

Before we started rolling my mom has suffered now very dramatically with thyroid disease and even just trying to be mildly useful to her it's like you run into this like this is so big I don't understand I don't understand the variables I should be testing for or what the right numbers should be or what protocols are or you know some of this stuff that you've talked about.

With iron like how walk us through your actual protocol even if some of it was just fumbling around so that people can understand when they hit that wall of intimidating like I don't know what I'm doing how do they begin the process to self-educate well my book and then there's another book called stop the thyroid madness which is a great book that woman saved my life and then one.

Other author who wrote a book called recovering with t3 those are really the three books that I trust and I've read them all and the best-selling thyroid books are written by patients for a reason we know what it feels like and we understand how the thyroid hormones feel I've been hyper I've been hypo that the trouble is is that you you have to still get blood work done and there's some.

States that don't allow you to test your own blood work so at some point you have to kind of navigate working with a doctor but in general you just go to a doctor you get the right tests but they often don't test the things you need so they're not even properly assessing you so then what do you do you know what I mean I mean a lot of this is self Diagnostics at home you can test your.

Temperature you know your pulse there's there's things that are relatable to this and symptoms but at the end of the day you do need to look at lab work so for example even just a couple of days ago I'm helping a friend in Hawaii and I said you have to get your reverse t3 tested the doctor said we don't do that I can't do that and she said we only test that if you're in the ICU no wait a.

Minute that that says a lot right there so I see use intensive care unit majors like you're on your way down right so why would they test it in an emergency situation if it's in the worst-case scenario that you test it why wouldn't you test it here so that you'll get to the ICU so doctors are just confused they don't even know what the meanings of some things are and frankly they just.

Don't if it's if you don't test it it's not a problem right I can think of no worse environment to walk into than that where the doctors don't know what are the key pieces of information that somebody needs to understand in order to take control learning about how the thyroid works which I'm happy to explain yeah hope it's a one on one M yeah here's a here's a thyroid 101 so.

Basically the thyroids at the base of your neck under your Adam's apple for men and it's the master gland of the human body so it's in charge of the production and regulation of all your sex hormones your heart rate that's why when you're high well thyroid and you have low t3 your brains not working we've got more receptors there than anyone it's why you.

Get fat you have no metabolism there's no fire on the counter side of that bodybuilders jam themselves with t3 six weeks before a competition to burn fat for a reason it's a potent fat burner which is why hypothyroid patients get fat and people have an overproduction hyper or often can be skinny lots of you know bowel movements and like shaky and losing weight so it's really like a.

Goldilocks situation there's a million reasons why this can get out of whack but essentially what happens is the pituitary at the base of the brain is sort of like a sensor and when your body is low in thyroid hormones it kicks out a signal and that signal is called the TSH which stands for thyroid stimulating hormone it's not a thyroid hormone it's just a wake-up call to the thyroid it.

Says you'll wake up start producing t4 and t3 okay now if you're a normal person if you have no thyroid problems then your body's gonna be great and it's gonna output about 80% we don't totally know for sure but roughly 80% t4 and 20% t3 so t3 is so powerful it's so powerful that you can almost imagine the t4 like a slow release mechanism and it's a storage hormone so it builds up is.

Steady and then as you need it it converts okay now what doesn't convert into the biologically active hormone the only violent you can live i lived six years without any t4 in my body t4 is useless unless it converts to the thing that matters t3 is what matters which is why a free t3 blood test what is free and unbound and available in your system is what corresponds to how you feel t4.

Converts to t3 as you need it now whatever you don't need will be flushed out through a system called reverse t3 reverse t3 is the inactive form what is going on with this feedback loop why does it do this again you've got almost like a atomic bomb with this t3 I mean in a good powerful way but it's kind of controlled by the t4 so let's say you get Lyme.

Disease you get a chronic infection you fall off a cliff and you know traumatic your leg breaks in those kind of scenarios your body's gonna down regulate it's like whoa whoa whoa well that's not for Thermo fire into this metabolic mess of inflammation we have going I read dial it back so in an emergency situation your reverse t3 is dr..

Forstman's almost best sort of unspecific marker for wellness and unwellness in the body which is why they tested in the ICU what are you looking for in reverse t3 is it is it a disproportionate amount of t4 versus t3 or is it I had a reverse t3 problem which means the t4 that I was taking in my medication was not converted into the act of t3 it was converting to the.

Inactive so I was still hypothyroid while on thyroid medication until that was discovered now what we usually do is we calculate a ratio between the reverse t3 result and the free t3 result 20 and higher is usually great if it's 18 the person doesn't need to go on t3 directly but you might give them extra selenium and some other things to just kind of help that along because there's.

Something going on in their system that's stopping message version right going to t3 right the t4 is gonna convert one way or the other either to active or inactive right okay right and so when it keeps converting into the inactive something's wrong heavy metals and screwup reverse t3 Lyme disease a bad resurgence of you know EBV epstein-barr there's a lot diet.

Absolutely diet and that's where you know the paleo part comes in a lot of people think that you know it's a gimmick like oh you got fat because you went hypo and outside you lose the weight that's a little bit about it but the reason a high fat low carb moderate protein paradigm is the best for this is first of all it's it's our DNA blueprint as humans let's say you're a.

Hypoglycemic sugar burner every time you've got those dips cortisol comes to respond that's not only antagonistic to your testosterone but it's antagonistic to this whole process as you go down the road of becoming insulin resistance so in this modern world of a lot of metabolic issues type 2 diabetes and thyroid issues go hand-in-hand so basically a paleo primal paradigm or any.

Kind of ancestral paradigm is the ultimate in blood glucose management and the ultimate in adrenal management and why is that important adrenals and thyroid work hand in hand adrenals always suffer when you're hypothyroid for any amount of time that's you know if you don't catch it quickly and the reason is is because you've got no t3 you've been no energy.

Nothing to get out of bed nothing to move you so cortisol takes over your adrenals take over their like get her out of bed she needs to move so then you get high courtesan you get fat around your middle and next thing you know your adrenals go I've had enough and they paid her out and now you're just like depleted and you've gotten nothing that's where most.

People are when they come to me or they're at their wit's end because they've gone down this misdiagnosis so gets back to the thyroid if you're just testing the TSH which is the standard neder chronologist I've been doing this for 40 years that's the call out yes send the T t3 t4 yeah I don't know about you but you know when I order something from Amazon or whatever I don't if I.

Don't get it I don't keep ordering it right where's the package where's the tracking that's the t3 did you get the package the package is t3 so a lot of endocrinologist you'll see someone there's a success story in my book two miscarriages sick for 10 years depressed maybe you you need a different maybe of a clouded closet eating disorder lots of accusations from the doctor it's not.

Your thyroid when we looked at her 10 years of tests they only tested her TSH and her t4 she wasn't getting the package so essentially this signal tells us something but it fluctuates a lot mark Sisson and Brad Kern wrote the keto reset I got their thyroid tested and had two doctors tell them that they were concerned about their thyroid because of their TSH TSH might have been 3.2 during.

The test but that was just a snapshot at that point the brain could have been like yo yo yo we need more thyroid hormones and he took the blood test and then there you go and now they're worried about nothing had they looked at their t4 and t3 which we tested later totally normal so again things can fluctuate there with the TSH and someone could go in and have a normal TSH but.

Have nothing on the other end now you recommend like a frequent test so for instance I wear a continuous glucose monitor largely for that reason right so that if I take one reading and it says that I'm high but if I took it five minutes later I might get a completely different reading how often do you look for people to run this panel is there a time of day fasted State like.

How do people get the they do fasting morning between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. Mustang you could stuff like a cup of coffee and you know water but I just wouldn't take any supplements or eat anything and then between 7:30 and 9:00 is really good time to get tested the earliest the lab opens the thing is that the TSH fluctuates that's not really what we're looking at it's it's part of.

The picture so for example someone I know decided to go off thyroid medication after many years just said screw it I don't know why long story short we got her tests back her TSH was 150 the top of the range is 5 it's the highest I've ever seen it 150 which means that her brain is screaming if you looked at her free t3 and free t4 they were below the range she had.

Nothing I said how are you alive she goes that's what my doctor said so we got her on the right medication so again that in that scenario yes if something that's high that's also an indication of your brain screaming please help this person she's dying because that's essentially what's happening but it's not the measure by which to assess the picture it really isn't and if you're.

Only taking TSH free t3 and free t4 that's not fully the picture because you need to get the reverse t3 why because if someone's not converting t4 whether it's their own or medication they're taking you don't want to give them any more of the thing that's converting into the thing that doesn't matter is you're hurting the patient that's actively worse so to have t4 that's converting to.

Inactive t3 is worse than just having no t4 well I mean both scenarios are terrible both scenarios are hypothyroidism because you can have reverse t3 hypothyroid and essentially you can kind of look at it like this when it convert over converts into reverse t3 it's almost like you can imagine reverse t3 is sort of standing in front of the t3 cells and blocking it.

Meanwhile the t3 is pulling in your blood so you could have a normal free t3 result and the doctors like I don't know what's wrong everything looks fine but it's really not converting and until they take the reverse t3 and the free t3 and do the ratio so every doctor should be testing for reverse t3 to make sure that the protocol of giving them any kind of t4 at all is going to be okay.

Because if you give a patient with a severe reverse t3 problem t4 they're going to get worse I had doctors during my reverse t3 problem say we just need to give you more t4 and I said don't you understand you that's gonna kill me you're you're hurting me they just didn't get it so reverse t3 is imperative we have more conversion problems in this day and.

Age as a stressful society the multitasking or level of Health the toxicity so there's an increase in an inability to convert and another reason why t4 only as a treatment so that's like the end-all vo that's like the endocrinologist from back in the day we're like this is the only thing any patient needs is synthroid or t4 and it's the number one selling prescription.

In America it can work for some people but it often fails eventually and people just do better on a combination of t4 and t3 why because as I explained when that signal sent the thyroid outputs it's not just outputting t4 it is giving you some direct t3 so my mom is we were discussing is she struggled with this now for years they irradiated her thyroid which actually made it worse for.

A while and I have a very strong feeling that a big part of her problem is diet related inflammation is stopping this from working and I heard you say something which that was really interesting because in your message it's very much like look a lot of doctors do not know what they're doing take responsibility get in there learn it and you said you.

Have to own everything that you do from what you put in your mouth to what comes out of your anus and at that all right there it is nice and direct so walk us through that why primal what for people that don't know what primal is what is it why is it beneficial why was that part of your journey where does keto fit into all this the way I look at paleo primal is it's I.

Live next door to some horses I've never seen their owner cook up a ribeye and feed it to them and you wouldn't do that because that's mean because that's not the DNA of that that's the DNA of a horse dictates a different diet same with a cow right we we as humans are dictate like our bodies are dictating us to eat a certain way one of the things we know contributes to at least.

Hashimoto's or any autoimmune disorders you could just type grains and then enter whatever autoimmune disorder is what happens is that your autoimmune makes a mistake just like type 1 diabetes it starts attacking the gland and it thinks it's an enemy well the in gluten or corn gluten or anything in grains but particularly gluten increases the.

Antibodies because we know that that is seen as an invader - by the immune system so for example someone with Hashimoto's often Hashimoto's have caught early can be really controlled by diet you know if you just put them on a paleo primal diet and that includes the elimination of beans grains legumes dairy those are all inflammatory for those people there's other things with.

Autoimmune disorders that people have noticed foods high in histamines cinnamon sometimes people have noticed that red color Sini's seasonings like paprika but at the end of the day we know that that ignites antibodies so if you drop gluten or you go paleo primal your antibodies will go down here's the thing most doctors don't know so let's say of Hashimoto's you're on thyroid.

Hormone and you're feeling great this happened to one of my success stories in my book she was feeling great everything's fine but every time she goes in and get tested her TPO antibodies are at like 300 TPO yes that's the right thigh roid peroxidase antibodies TPO and what would cause that to be high inflammation I mean antibodies equal inflammation but.

Again it's because it's attacking the thyroid and we don't know that an antibody specifically when the thyroid is being attacked yes okay and there's another one called thyroid globulin there's two that would indicate Hashimoto's what causes Hashimoto's Dave Asprey got it from living in black mold I've known three other people who have as well environmental factors can.

Trigger it something like getting into the to fight from a tick in Lyme disease there's a lot of things that can trigger it but the bottom line is is that there's a lot of patients out there still if they're feeling good they're optimized on their thyroid hormone but they've got these antibodies in the background but they don't feel it so if you have rheumatoid arthritis and you.

Eat a ton of you know grains you'll feel it you won't be able to button your shirt the next day so you have an indicator a Hashimoto's person might not in that scenario and what doctors don't know is that you could do something about it why do you want to you want to lower the antibodies you want to get them to undetectable levels because antibodies equal inflammation equal.

Beginning higher percentage of chances of cancers and all sorts of other things you don't want so walk me through the protocol I do the tests I have some of these tebah days I now do what cut out grains go paleo primal again on a clean paradigm you know three meats anything with parents no anything with parents that I need yeah any you know animals.

Fish eggs sometimes eggs are eliminated depending on sensitivities and that could be one that you might want to leave out in case because it's interesting there's people with Hashimoto's or even people myself I don't have Hashimoto's who are not technically allergic to eggs it won't come up on a test but you notice a negative when you reintroduce them after.

Elimination so that's just one I say watch out for essentially you would follow if you have Hashimoto's you might want to follow what we call the AIP that's the autoimmune protocol and that's a sort of a stricter level of the food categories and essentially you know most vegetables and again no grains legumes dairy you follow this diet you chill out again part of paleo primal is.

Not just that people miss the Triad here it's not just the food list it's also how we move right chronic cardio exercising way above your mattress ain't in fact walk us through your story I think this is this would be pretty pretty illustrative so you're you're talking about there's a Hollywood body type leading ladies what I'm going for I'm doing just a ton of cardio so what.

Were you eating how much cardio were you doing before this all kicked off I was going by all the conventional zone South Beach bisque was the zone it was eat every 2-3 hours keep the insulin steady right and so it's kind of like a low fat low carb paradigm which doesn't really work what would happen is I'd be driving from you know Hollywood to Malibu and I hadn't eaten and it's approaching the.

Fourth hour and I'm having to melt down you know hangry right my brain is like empty and hurts and I have to pull over and like go stuff my face that is stressful but also stressful at the body right I was over working out as well but again when you are a sugar burner and you're a carbohydrate dependent you eat the carbs you burn off the guy you know you are in this and that's what you.

Thought you had to do I have to go put in time on that elliptical so I did and I actually achieved that I looked great and but I was dying inside I was a mess and then I started to fall apart it also kind of baguettes eating disorders because you're kind of restricting and then you're over working out and then you're dying for carbs and.

So it it kind of created an eating disorder and at the end of the day I used to think even though I had this fit body and I'm starting to go off these lead roles I just thought is everyone else not talking about how they're thinking about food all the time am i obsessed I even looked into like Overeaters Anonymous I almost never think about food now which.

Is where and people go oh that's not fun because when you're a food addict the last thing you want to be told is that you don't even think about food because or that oh my gosh I get away with eating such less food now and if I remember hearing that I first would be like I don't even want to quit because I don't even one know what it's like to not want it it's a messed up addiction.

But it but it happens and people that are listening will know with food addiction the only way to get out of that cycle is to manage your blood glucose and your adrenals and the best way to do that is a paleo primal ancestral paradigm and part of that is chilling out when I wanted to like torch fat mice I got fat twice the first one hypothyroidism I fixed it with natural.

Desiccated thyroid which is a combination of t4 and t3 then that backfired it wasn't converting so the second time around when I got fat and bloated again I was like oh my gosh I was like alright well I'm gonna go to hot yoga cuz that's gonna sizzle and right I'll do that five days a week I'm committed and I did and I was hungry afterwards and I kept getting fatter.

Around my middle because I was doing high-intensity every day with no recovery your body doesn't like that it was so hard for me to slow down because I would haul ass up the mountain to go hiking because you think that the harder you work the more you sweat that's gonna burn the fat it's just ingrained in us right and it's actually the opposite so I started tracking my heartrate and I.

Would make sure that on those walks I really wouldn't go above do the math atone scale 180 minus your age whatever that number is I wouldn't really go over except for maybe once or twice a week in a sprint session or something and I just chilled out and it felt awkward at first too slowly but you know what it was more enjoyable I wasn't hungry afterwards because when you.

Operating at that rate of cardio your during the glucose burns glycolytic so now you're depleted at the end of course you're gonna want to refill it but wouldn't you rather be burning fat now our ancestors do you think when they were like what's at the top of that hill did they run up no they were like we're gonna chill out and run up there because if they over exhausted themselves they.

Would have become prey you know and think about it me driving to Hollywood for hours haven't had a meal I'm having a meltdown what do you think our ancestors did they went weeks they got kicked into ketosis during that time they high-fat you know probably extremely low carb and they were not sugar burners they were fat burners.

There weren't any thyroid problems with our ancestors we wouldn't be here today because infertility runs rampant when you when you have hypothyroidism because it's absolutely related your sex hormones so infertility and miscarriages so we wouldn't even be here population would have happened and and when it hypothyroidism is first on the books it's around 12,000 years ago and.

Interestingly enough it coincides with the wheat and barley being introduced to their society so paleo primal ancestral is really about managing blood glucose and your adrenals you know aside from insulin and those three things go hand-in-hand you know and so when you are in that state you can properly metabolize the hormones your body is already making now let me explain.

Something else so I was also starving myself essentially right I was under eating and over exercising and I thought that that was the right paradigm in that situation the body's gonna go whoa whoa this girl has no food she's starving that could also be signaled from you're skinny and you're training for a marathon you can have a reverse t3 happen because the body's like whoa whoa.

We don't want to put any more t3 into this chicks life because she already has low body fat and we're not getting enough food and nutrients so we're gonna dial it back furthermore she's not gonna get pregnant and if she does we're giving her a miscarriage she's in no position to have a baby now I am personifying right your body but essentially that is the primal.

Perspective and it's there to save you and that's what I tell everyone you have to think and understand that your body's trying to save you at every minute type 2 diabetes is your body saving you type 2 diabetes you hope you get fat you wanted to get pushing the fat cells if you're skinny die and you've got it running through your blood that's more dangerous so your body.

Is always trying to save you and so is this feedback loop now you want a good metabolism but you also don't want to go over hyperthyroidism is dangerous for the heart but also high metabolism right can mess with cortisol and glucose high appetite that can go in a wrong direction as well it really is Goldilocks um one thing that I heard you talk about that I think.

Is pretty interesting is so there's two notions you've got skinny fat and what that means from a blood panel perspective and then to you put your finger on something that for years I thought was the like completely acceptable way to go about it that if you want to eat something then you simply need to exercise it off and that there is essentially no health.

Difference between somebody who has exercised their way past a couple moles of ice cream and somebody who just didn't eat the ice cream but then didn't work out and I'd love to hear your thoughts on that yeah you know it's so funny because so many athletes are running into pre-diabetes and they're like how is this possible well they wake up in the morning they've.

Got 130 grams of carbs in their shake they burn it off carb burn it off you keep doing that you keep knocking on the door of the pancreas and it doesn't like it it's gonna get exhausted and it's gonna not be happy about that so at the end of the day you're not really getting away with it that's why I say when I you know when you pass someone you're like I wish I.

Had her legs or I wish I had her body I'm like check her blood work you might want the blood work of the guy next to him that's average you know I mean you're not getting away with it on the backend you know you're getting away with it visually species that have secreted the least amount of insulin lived the longest and you know the species with the highest metabolisms.

Like the hummingbird they don't live very long you know domain speedy speedy speedy you're out so what you see is not what you get on the inside and it's not a pillar of Health I looked like the pillar of health if you saw me at the grocery store and in you know like a tank top you'd be like oh she's but dying inside you know mentally and also just physically because when.

Your carbohydrate dependent and most people are in the eat every two three hours or the up and down you have a drop in blood Sugar's four hours in you eat the Pringles and you feel same with a heroin addict you dropping down a little heroin you get right back up doesn't mean it's a positive thing but that's the Association I was tired and exhausted so I ate I would love to.

See a reality competition between sugar burners and fat burners the fat burners will survive they will have no issues whatsoever the sugar burners like day two are gonna be passing out gonna mean and having a meltdown until their body kicks in to ketosis right on the notion of ketosis that is asking your body to get into a metabolic state that you can't get into in your hypothyroid so.

People often go to it because they're like I'm fat I don't know it's dude this theory is not working my doctors know what they're talking about I'm gonna do this thing called keto well now they're just eating high amounts of fat that are not being processed cuz there's nothing to burn it because there's no t3 which is why hypo patients get fat they don't have any of the fat burning t3 everybody.

Listening should care about their thyroid because everyone has one and if you don't have one it was surgically removed and if you're the one of the billion people that were born without a thyroid I'd love to meet you but they have to be administered thyroid hormones right away or they'll die you will die on a stranded Island without a thyroid so what do you think life's gonna be.

Like with subpar you know levels it's gonna be a slow death which is what it felt like for me your skin thickens you are horrific ly depressed Tom at one point I actually had this thought I've never been suicidal in my life and I had this thought I thought if this doesn't get better I'm gonna have to start thinking about thinking about killing myself most people from the outside go.

Oh I see it so she got fat and chunky hairs falling off yeah there has to be depressing no it actually is depressing it makes you depress in your brain we have more t3 receptors here your gut is compromised as a result of it everything needs t3 to operate it essentially is your master thermostat it's your you know it's your fire and so if you've got nothing going putting keto into that is.

Like trying to ride a wet log and all you're gonna get is bad lipid panels and probably fatter that's really interesting how would you walk through with somebody that's never been fat adapted how would you get them fat adapted in the least painful way possible you really want to start to get insulin sensitive you want to get off the carbohydrate train.

That is ruining the adrenals and outputting cortisol in the wrong ways you want to start keep things steady for people that are transitioning I don't suggest fasting you know that I F interim ending is very popular I do it I have about a four to six hour eating window per day I might eat a little fat in the morrow sometimes yeah and but I might have a little fat before that at.

Some point like half an avocado or something but not like a full meal I don't suggest doing that because that's very painful if you're coming from being addicted to sugar and eating every few hours so it starts with switch out the cereal and the oatmeal or whatever the carb heavy fruit orange juice breakfast is and usage it was like a primal breakfast that could be six eggs three.

Eggs it could be left over by two salmon and half an avocado I mean there's vegetable omelet with me you know any kind of those things you just clean out the pantry start using the good oils not the canola's and just start to eat from the list go look at a paleo food list and just start there you know what I mean and you eat when you're hungry and you may more fat at first and not.

Understand it but that's better than eating a ton of fruit and chips and all this other stuff that that's affecting you so you start there and then you chill out on the exercise so if you're someone that was like me and is in that game you have to dial it back hardest thing is giving up grains and this is what I say I've heard so many great objections one was well but my.

Grandmother makes this really great lasagna at Christmas and I'm like you know what that's a cop-out eat the damn lasagna are you eating it every other day and I always tell everyone look this looks rough this is not a lice this is not relegating you to a life of never having a piece of Chicago pizza or you know doing something fun it's get better first be strict to get better and then.

Test it from there then you can have your cheats you know get the antibodies down then enjoy a slice of pizza every now and then but essentially I would say downing back the workouts and it's so frustrating it's the question I get all the time when can I start working out or really I can't lift weights I'm like well how is that going for you it's not working out you often.

Get fatter and more bloated because what happens is you go to the gym and they're like but I feel better after I workout because you just blasted the adrenals again it's taking you two steps back and it's seen as inflammation of the body so again now that inflammation is going to conflict with how those hormones metabolize and convert so the best thing can do is chill out and that's like down.

You know downgrading their exercise to slow walking light weights light yoga no crazy two three hot yoga intense stuff you think about fruit I think people eat it more than we probably were meant to I think it's it's great I mean I love fruit however if you have Candida and often people have gut issues in Candida and or SIBO or just bad at bacterial overgrowth in the gut.

If you're trying to heal something like that I said get rid of all of that kind of stuff stick with vegetables you know for a while but if your sugar addict I say listen start with fruit and whipped cream if you need something to kind of like get you off of the junk path fruit whipped cream every night remain cool hwhip no like heavy whipping cream ER or.

Or coconut milk and making that into whipping cream I just think people think fruits you know one basket of blueberries can be 14 grams of carbohydrates and so if you go to town it's like with nuts people see nuts on a paleo food list and then they're there handfuls next thing you know that's a thousand calories staying with bulletproof coffee or fat coffee in the.

Morning I ask people well what's your version and I heard someone say I put two tablespoons of MCT oil and two tablespoons of butter that's that's 600 calories of fat right there for your morning that's also not paleo and keto to eat all the fat you ever went you can get fat on a low-carb diet if you eat more fat than you're burning and then when I say is selenium vitamin D and.

Ferritin these things are really related to fire word problems and the reason is is because ferritin I think that's one that people might be like what is ferritin ferritin is iron storage and you can have good hemoglobin levels which what a doctor might test you for and the be like for your irons fine but they're not testing the iron stores and that's really important and the way I.

Like to describe it is it's thyroid hormones whether you're taking them or they're being output correctly from your body cannot get to where they need to go without it it's key why hypo patients often become low in ferritin and vitamin D vitamin D is related to Hashimoto's but the reason is this your sluggish your slow hypothyroidism is a slow state so now you go to eat a meal you're.

You're producing less hydrochloric acid it's not breaking down the food you've got compromised digestives and compromised enzymatic activity all over the body and so then it's not absorbing and taking in the nutrients and if you're a woman and this is disproportionately a woman's disease even though men have it too but one out of eight women will get it in their.

Lifetime we're men straining females so we're gonna lose iron that more than most and if you are a menstruating female that also exercises you might lose more iron than most and at this point liver and eating straight-up marrow bones isn't going to do it like you have to take an iron supplement ferritin usually the standard range is ten to one fifty fifty to a hundred is.

Important if it's over a hundred and you're not taking iron that could be a sign of inflammation and it's often the missing link it was with me I'd started to take thyroid hormones myself many years ago for the first time and I was having trouble I was having like shakiness low ferritin is related to restless legs I had horrific restless legs you see.

These commercials for restless legs people laugh about it and know what it's like you're tossing and turning all night you really just cannot get comfortable with your legs this is totally related to iron storage so if there's anyone out there that knows someone's restless legs you can tinnitus by the way test the ferritin and again it's like a ten dollar fix you.

Know it's a $10 bottle of iron you can take for a month or two and get to the right level so you have to have proper iron storage for all of this to work and that's why it also gets low but hypothyroid patients classically get low in lots of nutrients so we want to optimize vitamin D I would take selenium right away there's a great thyroid support formula by Gaia herbs that.

People can do a natural protocol I've seen people turn it around in six weeks I've seen people bloated fat mess Testim Hashimoto's didn't know they had it be eaten a bunch of gluten you know ferritin wasn't optimized some supplements and like six weeks hair gorgeous deflated like just ten pounds of water weight and inflammation gone there's absolutely I would try that.

First so I take people through a natural protocol in the book but then it's like what would if that fails okay now here's another weird philosophy I mean some people who have been suffering for a very long time or like I don't want to go on medication first of all it's not a medication it's giving your body what it's missing it's not a medication with a hundred.

Side effects like you see on TV because it's not manipulating your body into doing something interesting to in the first place like birth control does that's why birth control comes with five pages of of you know possible side effects so that's one thing to just not be afraid of it if you've been in a state of disease because your hypothyroid for years often misdiagnosed.

Or undiagnosed like me then you're so far behind in everything your body's falling apart can you catch up naturally uh it doesn't mean you're relegated to fibroid her one for life but it might mean you know how many years has been going on might be time to get thyroid hormone get unhype Oh get your body in the right metabolic state right get the right primordial baseline and from there.

Let's figure out what caused it so the most important thing you can do as a patient has become educated which what I help people do someone just told you you had a disease why wouldn't you learn everything you need to know about it I have learned the hard way and I suffered greatly and I lost about six years of my life and worth worth every minute to help others there's no.

Question about it I always joke around because I'm from downtown Chicago you know we're pretty pretty tough cats over there and I always say you know hypothyroidism messed with the wrong chick I just really did but it's you have to educate yourself and understand it so you know how to interpret your own labs and then even if you have to do it on your own.

You know what to do so again how long have you been suffering that might be the time to get on thyroid hormone get on hypo and then work on solving it I went from full replacement thyroid hormone I was on at one point 100 micrograms of t3 which is pretty high started going paleo primal went down to 50 kept going I am now on seven point five micrograms that's almost not even.

Anything you wouldn't even feel it you don't want to take too much t3 I've done that before too and you become hyper thyroid that's a state of inflammation that can make you bloated people have this misconception like oh t3 is the fat burner like the body builders and they're like I'm just gonna take that shiz and then I'm gonna burn all this fat it could it'll backfire it'll.

Backfire eventually it'll first be that way and then the adrenals and everything gets screwed up and now you will actually get fat and bloated and it could go the other direction this has been insanely educational for me especially given what my mom is going through and I really can't thank you enough for that before I asked my last question where can these guys find you.

Online you can go to L R Us comm I have a free thyroid guide there I mean so you don't even have to buy my book it tells you all the tests you need to get when to take them how to know if a doctor is informed or not by calling the office what questions to ask there's a lot there podcasts podcast with the doctors so much there so you can just click on that and download it and if you want you.

Get my book the paleo thyroid solution anywhere and every Monday primal blueprint podcast where you know we interview kind of a similar people in the arena of Health and mind-body wellness yeah love it it's an amazing podcast great book and highly recommend I love that you've come from the having gone through a perspective I think that's really extraordinary and very.

Helpful thank you my last question what's the one change people could make that would have the biggest positive impact on their health hmm taking control of it themselves you know just don't put your health into someone else's hands entirely I mean I really think that's it because you can do the food you can do supplements but if.

You're not aware you know of what you're taking or what you're told to give or what that test means you might be headed down a wrong path that could really kind of set you back years and I've seen that so but like I said earlier I think the biggest thing is if someone has diagnosed you with something become an expert you become your own expert you might know more than your doctor and you.

I've actually taught doctors things that they're now practicing with patients great you know good because the the more we have informed doctors out there on this subject the better so I love that love that guys I didn't set her up for that I promise but I think that that is the perfect answer that really encapsulates who she is her style what you're gonna get if you go and listen to.

More podcast from a read her book dive into the stuff in her website it's it's really about taking ownership and getting the tools that you're going to need to go through and work with a doctor for sure if you can if you and somebody that really understands this stuff and can help you on your journey and aren't shaming you or making you feel guilty or they don't want to.

Admit what they don't know that can be a very powerful path but she's gonna arm you with the tools that you need to really take that ownership to understand what's actually happening and that I think is the most powerful thing that any of us can do is really go in educate ourselves make sure that we know more about it than they do because you have the luxury of you have one problem that.

You're going through that's the one that you have to learn about where as a general practitioner they've got to cover everything so take advantage of that take advantage of your ability to specialize and go deep and we live in this extraordinary time where people like Elle are taking the time to put all this down on paper like she said she's taken six years of pain and suffering.

And put it down in combination with what she's learned into a book that other people can use so dive into her world check it out you will be empowered for it all right if you haven't already be sure to subscribe and until next time my friends be legendary take care everyone I hope you loved that episode now I want to take a quick second to share about our awesome friends at butcher box.

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