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Monster High Beauty Makeup Advent Calendar! 24 Days of Cosmetics! Eye Shadow Lip Gloss Blush!

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Monster High Makeup Advent Calendar! 24 Days of Cosmetics! Eye Shadow Lip Gloss Blush!
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Hi guys and welcome to bubble pop kids so today is December 22nd that means there's only three days until Christmas so to go along with the Christmas spirit we have the Monster High Advent Beauty calendar it is a cosmetic Beauty treasure kit there are 24 different number one and there are 24 of these secret doors hiding some amazing monster hi makeup oh.

If you love Monster High and you love makeup and lip also nail polish this is a show for you so let's start at number one go all the way to 24 and get started here is number one look at this and we have a skullet nail file that's perfect moving on to number two and what do we have do we have some monster high Bobby bling oh this is so cute it's like pink sparkly.

Body glitter and a scuffs cola on there move it onto number three and Frankie on the picture let's see it is this adorable little skull at hair clip number four it looks like we have some monster high hair scrunchies how cute are those how did that even fit in there this is so cool number hi we have some stickers number six look at this we have a skull.

At nail into a separator number seven makeup applicator that means we're going to be getting some kind of eye shadow or makeup here's one of my favorite things lip gloss how cute is that it's got all the gang on the air it's not quality nande Frankie hmm oh and it's a really pretty pink sparkly color love that color.

Bring your wing it looks like more lip bowls or lipstick got it we have some monster hi lip shine when I love this little container it's in it is like a light pink color tiny is like a chapstick small so good smells just like strawberries number ten number ten with a big one that is we have a lip gloss palette look at all others of color dress and look at you have tons of.

Colors and I guess you can use this applicator that came with it for this as well we have it gets curly white we have some red we have pink purple tons of different colors when they have a lot of pigment to them look I thought maybe they'd be clear but they're no they have a lot of color let's try purple so pretty here up to number 11 and Draculaura is there this.

One we have a little square of my shadow see the color also cute a subscale it in there and it's Brooke pretty like a sparkly lavender ooh that would look so nice 12 I love how there's just so many little compartments I've ever seen anything like this with need up so cool we have more eyeshadow we have a quad all different colors and I don't know if.

You can see it but if you look really close and when you open it up it's got all of these pretty imprints in there Monster High logo here and there's all that this is like a pretty pink oh nice green blue I like that one and the white I usually wear white on a regular day because it makes your eyes pop like a whitish creamy color so nice I love all of these or get in there to number 13.

More eyeshadow whoo this is pretty this is like a silvery color oh and look at this cute eyes shadow so so far from this that we have six different colors and if they look it is kind of like a silvery white issue I like this one that would look so pretty just wearing it every day just a light shimmery color up to 14 I thought this with eye shadow but it's not we have a lip gloss palette.

See the colors here whoo they're all purples there's like a lavender of my rack and a different kind of purple there those are such pretty colors those would really add a lot of purple color to your lip this one is lighter needed one of these we don't get our fingers all sticky we have a liftoff applicator brush perfect 16 more lip gloss and it's funny because all of the lip glosses.

Most anemones little ones seem to be like a purple color I guess that's what the Monster High girls like whoo that's a really pretty purple a little scrunchy we have three plain ones and now we have this one let's go up that'd be cute to put your hair up in a pony on to 18 let us bit we have a Monster High musical lip pencil and it's purple of course if you're going to put.

That purple lip balls you better line your lips with this to make them look super plump oh wow and I wasn't expecting this so after all that lip gloss we get this cool lipstick look how pretty this holder is I love it and it is whoa that is a black color it is such a dark color whoo I guess I wonder which Monster High girl would wear this black lipstick you.

Guys can leave me a comment and let me know moving on to number 20 they only have four left after this one and then we'll take a close look at all of them we got more sir 21 oh this is what I was leaving nail-polish and I have to save everything we got to fart this has to be my favorite look at this cute bottle we have Scylla and Draculaura on there and this looks like a really really pretty.

Pink color it is and then one pink with tons of silver sparkle just how I like it and look at all the girls on the handle they're adorable 22 we have some blush perfect we have everything we have lipstick body glitter lip gloss lip pencil mere polish and to top it off we have the blush here is the blush and this is such a pretty color.

It's like a lightish pink and it's filled with tons of shimmery Sparkle so if you put this on your cheeks you're going to have such a glow look how pretty that is 23 here we go we get a blusher brush with a pretty pinkish peach blush okay my little monster high goals we are on to number 24 and I am so excited to see what it's going to be it's our last Beauty surprise perfect we.

Have some pink artisanal eyes that is the 24 days of Monster High and this has to be one of the biggest Monster High sets of makeup I have ever opened we have everything any kind of beauty products you would need we have it there's tons of lip gloss lip shine lipstick lip pencil some more gloss we have blush eye shadow somebody glitter nail polish nails blusher brush.

All the tools you need to put these on I love this so much and if I had to pick two favorites I would go for the nail polish because it's in such a cute bottle because I think I would go for this lip gloss here because it was a prettiest pink color with some shimmer and you guys can leave me a comment and let me know which one was your favorite there's so many to choose from.

They have all the Monster High beauty products you will ever need in one place this was the coolest advent calendar ever and we're going to have so many more toys coming up on the show we're gonna have shopkins Monster High you name it we are bubble pop kids and you can click this big red subscribe button here and subscribe to our Channel and I'd like to wish you and your family a.

Happy and very Merry Christmas see you later bye


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