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Gay Thug battles a Real Thug in call of duty and its about to go DOWN!!!
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É e eu é gay tão possível togo xbox lábios gol o gol o rômulo todos sabem que eu vou dizer isso ainda bem que a bosch na cultura e do patrimônio eu não sou eu a igreja só uma cartilha o módulo ii mas a deus mas o sol e não sei e não é só os próximos brega samsung ainda o game ainda não deu o toque de um ato.

Público na ilha mas adorava ver vários boxes agora se dedicava se resolver o chutei tudo i


Anthony Pellecchia • 3 месяца назад
He has got the most contagious laugh and I love it!
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EyeFlower • 9 месяцев назад
XD lmao
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Tamako • 9 месяцев назад
that guy was dying of laughter
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R-SwinG • 1 год назад
Spain loves you bro
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Shockwave & Soundwave • 1 год назад
You throw that holy bible at me ima sit on it LMFAO
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WC 89 • 1 год назад
can you react this one
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Asura Wilson • 1 год назад
This is so ridiculous lmao, but it's hilarious! Your floating head makes it even more hilarious Champ!
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Mori Jin • 1 год назад
I'm so done.💀💀💀
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packersfan • 1 год назад
This was great! Lol!!!
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gravekeepersven82 • 1 год назад
This had me crying of laughter!
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Kingdrago101 • 1 год назад
Big laugh havin lol
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R.A.F GattaiGuy • 1 год назад
"just because I´m addicted to dick doesn´t mean I´m gay"
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Bertholdt Hoover • 1 год назад
R.A.F GattaiGuy lmao
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Haseo San Tacoshe • 1 год назад
well that's a good idea I never thought about pouring holy water on gay people before I like it good idea
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Haseo San Tacoshe • 1 год назад
I've been around some gay people in my life time some serious gay people now I know what I need to do now
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AVP • 1 год назад
Haseo San Tacoshe lmao
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Blusmj • 1 год назад
Gotta hit up a brandon rogers video champ. Them shits are funny af.
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EliteTrainerXeos • 1 год назад
He has to react to a day at the park. Holy fucking shit.
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Alex Green • 1 год назад
That was funny lol
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